Physical Books Pre-order: An Angel's Advent


This time we're doing things a little different: 

~ First: There's an eBook option! \m/(^_^)\m/ (Click here for those!)

~ Second: there will only be one "box" option for physical copies.

  • Each box will get a few prints, a bookmark, and an ornament or two. 
  • Each physical copy will come with an Ebook copy that will be delivered to your email address on the day of release. Why? Because I will not be able to get the books to you until after Christmas (for Paperbacks) and after New Year's (for Hardcovers).

~ Third: There is also a book bundle option for this time. So if you have not read or do not have the first book, you can get all 4 books in one. (If you'd like to get just the first 3 for someone for Christmas, I should be able to do that relatively easily ~if you order BEFORE NOVEMBER 23~) 

~ Fourth: Order Now and get the first 5 chapters as soon as I see your order!


Now, here's the book details:

Kalista Chronicles, book 4: (Spoilers Ahead!)

Now We Wait...

      Kalista is unconscious. No one knows if the Ritual worked or not. The days stretch on leaving Beryx and her family wondering when she will wake up and how she will be when she does.

      With no prophecy to tell them, and no Mentakinetic on their side willing to use their power to see into her mind, they try to decipher her incoherent babbling and wait for the day that she wakes from her coma, praying that it will all make sense then.

      Beryx refuses to give up on the love of his life. He remains at her side, fighting for her and her sanity, safety, and happiness even if that means putting himself at risk. Because she is the love he’s waited a lifetime for.


~ Hardcovers will be delivered after the New Year.
~ Paperback should be here before then but I will keep everyone that orders updated as to how slow the shipping goes. 
~ Ebooks will be delivered to email on Release Day or the night before.
~ if you get the collection, they will be delivered after release day, only the eBooks 1-3 will be delivered as soon as I see your order. The New eBook won't come until release day. 

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