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This is the part where I lack the words or even the thought process to put something sort of logical or that you want to read, so I'll put what's on the back of the books: 

"Jenn A. Morales (that's my pseudonym) is an artist, lifetime fantasy reader, and Author of the ever-expanding Urban Fantasy Saga: 

The Born Angel Universe" 

It's a tiny little bio, but that's simply because there is not much to know. But I have written up another one, much like I have for my characters over on 


     A human woman gifted with all the talents that make her a “starving artist." This has never stopped her from sharing her love of art, music, books, and writing with the world. She currently lives in the South Western tip of New York State, USA with her dog, Bella (a rat terrier, blue heeler, border collie mix) and her husband of 10 years, whom she calls her Viking (pictured left). She has several chronic illnesses and deals with chronic pain which affects her day to day life, but she keeps on going through sheer spite some days and great vigor on others. She is also goth.. if that wasn't apparent. 


      She is an introvert, kind, caring, compassionate, and "the nicest badass you will ever meet." She is an INFJ-A (if you know what that means), a Sagittarius sun, libra moon, and libra rising…

fun Facts:

Alias: Jennifer J. Williams, the “Goth Disney Princess,” Born Angel Author, the Queen of Cliffhangers.

Preferred Nickname: Jenn

Race: human

Nationality: American… Originally from Georgia moved to New York in early childhood.

DOB: December 17th, 1992

Height: 6’0.5”, 184.15cm

Weapon of Choice: words… though a flipflop works well too, And anything that isn’t nailed down that I can lift/hurl at someone… There is a reason that my characters use “Improvised weapons" a lot.

Mode of Transportation: I’d love to say teleportation or a motorcycle, but I currently have a Maroon ‘02 Jeep Liberty.

Favorite Pastime: Reading and Video Games.

Favorite Artists: Stjepan Sejic, & Anna Marine

Favorite Authors: Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, & Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Favorite Indie Authors: Jenna Moreci, Carly Spade, Mindy McKinley, & Brooklynn Dean.

Favorite Video games: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Portal, Spyro the Dragon. I also enjoy Halo and Warframe in spurts.

Job: Author, Artist, House Wife, web designer, social media manager, formatter, sales rep, you name it if it goes along with “Indie Author” I do it.

Favorite Person: Matt… my Support Australian, my manager.

Friends: AJ Sims (Writer), Maxine (Editor), Slade (Writer), Lilah (Tech, Beta, & Tao’Kita), Lex (bestie), Raffael (twitter friend), Dee (my DA “mom”).

Least Favorite Person: **looks around** Not gonna talk about this one.

Parents: Amy (seamstress, crafter, creative) & Brian (carpenter, reader, a good man)

Love: My Viking, Dale

Children: Just my fur babies (past and present). 

Pet Peeve: When I’m told “you can’t” I will do it twice and take picures.

Powers: Persuasion, friendship, love, compassion, intuition, possible telepathy, & a bit of a foresight… I may be joking, I may not. You will never know. ;)

Pictures of the AUthor:

Pictures of the Writing Companion: 

Just some adorable pictures of Bella from 3/23-8/23. She's too cute, but also a brat.