How many books are currently published?

As of December 2023, there are 7 books published, and 2 more coming this year (2024):

CRY HAVOC on April 9th and AN ANGEL ENSNARED on Halloween.



Clicking the book cover will take you to a "blog" for the book which features the blurb, where to get the book, a summary (for some), and Digital art from the Author.

      The first series of the Born Angel Novels, the Kalista Chronicles is a 1st Person, past tense, "grow with me series" that follows Kalista Iliana Angelic as she gains her powers and learns that she has a soulmate, a soulenemy, and a destiny that has been foretold in many prophecies.

Book 1 is YA and introduces you to Kalista and right before her life changes forever.

Book 2 is on the cusps of New Adult, and is a fast paced book centered around Kalista figuring out how to save her soulmate.

Book 3 is New Adult and has many trigger warnings, including false imprisonment, memory loss, and asylum scenes.

Book 4 is Adult and closed door romance that features 2 povs as Kalista adjusts to life after imprisonment.

    The first Adult series of the Born Angel Universe. Each book is in the 1st person POV of an Angel as they fight against the Fœmoræ, Corrupted Angels that we'd call demons, and the Underworld, a crime syndicate run by the Triumvirate of Evil. These books are Paranormal/Urban Fantasy with a Crime Thriller twist and the third books adds "on-screen" Paranormal Romance into the mix.

 Book 1 follows Marshal Leighla Tenebrae Angel of Light, Truth, and Fate as she is given a case to find six missing Angels while simultaneously trying to convince the Agency that a Serial Killer thought dead has been Ressurected. 

Book 2 follows Forseti Angel of Justice, Judgment, and Truth, AKA Matthew Gerechtigkeit, Private Investigator as he also looks into the disappearance of the missing Angels, and gathers forces to fight the Triumvirate of Evil.

Book 3 turns up the heat and brings the spice with Discord, Angel of Death, Life, and Hope as she is brought to New Orleans to help fight the newest member of the Triumvirate, but first she must confront her past...

Book 4 finds us following Havoc Angel of Death, Love, and War as she wrestles with her own past that needs to be taken care of before the rest of them can go up against the Triumvirate of Evil. (coming April 9th)