Sorry, but there are no Audiobooks yet,
Let me explain...

I do plan to have audiobooks available!

Yes, I will have an audiobook for each book...

Why don't I have one yet, even after I've published 7 books?

because I want it to be good quality and not read by an AI that even I can't stand... 

    I've researched it and the most cost effective way is to do it myself. When I started the project in May of 2021, I made it complicated by using different pitches and voices for each character. I am also quite busy managing the writing, editing, formatting, merchandise, illustrations, social media, preorders, packaging, website building, and everything else that comes with being a self-published author who doesn't have the money to hire anyone to help her (besides editors). 

    That being said, the project is on hold until I can block out some time to sit down, quiet the dog, and get the rest of A Born Angel read. How much time do I need? About a week and that's if I read every day for at least five hours without much if any editing, then edited after, which I always find to be harder. I prefer to edit as I'm recording so I don't miss anything. 

    Right now, I have 25 chapters ready to go... out of 77. I'm pretty sure I have 37 done, but only 25 are completely finished, edited, and good enough to hear...

Thank you for your patience,

~ Jenn

A Born Angel: the Author Reading Samples!

Opening :08

Prologue: 2:00

Chapter 1: 3:50

Chapter 2: 5:10

Chapter 3: 4:45

Chapter 4: 3:53

Chapter 5: 5:00