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Weekly Newsletter: 102 July 14-20

6 days left of Beta reading Angel Ensnared 😱, Beta Sign-ups for Chaos Theory dropped this week, and there are 57 days until preorders open. PLUS 3 books are now up with their new covers and revised insides! 4-6 should be up by Wednesday, leaving only 2 left. 😣 I also got results back from testing and it’s not good news…

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Weekly Newsletter: 101 July 7-13

There are 110 days left until Halloween, and the release of An Angel Ensnared! 😱 which means I’ve got a lot of decisions to make, ordering a ton of things, etc. I’m also still working on getting the everything finalized for the new covers of the books, and working on short story projects for a couple anthologies, plus I’ve had some health issues again. 😣 read more below!

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Created Angel Chronicles, Book 5: Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is rated M for vulgar language, depictions of war, violence, gore, sexually explicit scenes between two consenting adults, gas lighting, description of past trauma such as imprisonment, torture mental and emotional, and bodily harm, implications of past trauma such as non-consensual sex, torture (physical), and manipulation.

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Weekly Newsletter: 100 June 30-July 6

     Beta reading of An Angel Ensnared is now in week 3 and we’re making good progress! This week the Beta Readers want Waffles🧇 The New Covers of all the books drop on the 24th, and giveaway news! Read about it all below!

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Weekly Newsletter: 99 June 23-29

Beta reading of An Angel Ensnared is now in week 2 and we’re making good progress! More news on Chaos Theory, the Kalista Chronicles and an Announcement of when the new covers (and versions for some) will be released at the end!

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Weekly Newsletter 98: June 16-22

Beta reading of An Angel Ensnared (Kalista Chronicles Book 5) started yesterday! I’ve been recovering from deep cleaning, stress, and a four day weekend filled with family activities. During recovering I’ve been busily reworking covers and blurbs for the first 8 books instead of writing An Angel Falls…

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