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Weekly Writer Update 31: Mar 12-17

Besides needing to stay up for over 24 hours to reset my internal clock, thank you daylight savings, and our car having to go into the shop due to eating a belt last Thursday (3/9), I’ve had an uneventful week. Though I am starting to have spring allergies hit me and the little warm-ups in weather have caused my immune system to hiccup and I have the stuffy nose ick. But besides that, it’s all good here.

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Weekly Writer Update 29: Feb 26 - Mar 3

This week has been… a low energy, high intensity week. A lot of work on the books, a few physical ailments, and having to redo art for the cover of the next release as I did not like where Forseti was on the front. The OCD is strong with this one.

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Weekly Writer Update #27: Feb 12-18

This week has been relatively quiet. The piercing is healing up nicely, Thank God, and I’ve been hard at work on art commissions for a project I’m saving money for to say “thank you” to the friend who taught me how to use the 3d modeling program Daz Studio. His computer is ten years old and the graphics card is very old which means he is having a hard time using Daz Studio now.  

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Weekly Writer Update #26: Feb 5-11

It’s been an interesting week. It started with a horrible Monday, my mental health took a huge hit, and I have no idea why. Tried to dye my hair to give me a boost and that didn’t help because it didn’t turn out right. Then Wednesday I went and got my right daith piercing to help with my migraines, it did not go as planned, the guy who did my piercing gave me a $30 discount because he felt bad for how it went… I shoulda known then that something was off. I talked with a couple friends who have the same piercing and they told me the proper way to care for it, as he told me wrong, and they told me the correct way. Anyhow, it’s looking and feeling MUCH better now!

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