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2023 Releases

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Weekly Newsletter 80: Feb 11-17

CRY HAVOC is now available for preorder! I’ve done so much promoting, talking to ARC readers, and trying to manage the pain that I’m exhausted, but gotta keep going. Today, I have a family event, and I’m hoping to get back to the 2nd Rewrite of Chaos Theory… I got distracted 😅

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Weekly Newsletter 79: Feb 4-10

We’ve survived another week of 2024. This week Toby Keith died, my meds are causing me insomnia, and my bad knee is seemingly getting worse, BUT I’ve gotten a lot done again in the writing department. AND more betas have finished CRY HAVOC book! Plus getting ready for the presale, which drops Wednesday!

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Weekly Newsletter 78: Jan 28-Feb 3

      Things are beginning to look up, both in the weather and in my work. I’ve done a lot of work in editing, getting merch together for Cry Havoc’s Presale, which starts next week, and added the final touches to An Angel Ensnared! Keep reading for more!

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Weekly Newsletter 77: Jan 21-27

     This week I’ve done a lot of writing and editing, but not a lot of posting online and my week got shuffled around so each day felt wrong. It’s hard to get into a new routine. BUT! An Angel’s Advent books FINALLY went out yesterday! Woohoo!

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Weekly Newsletter 76: Jan 14-20

      Week 3 of 2024 brought a Blizzard which meant my husband was home for 3 days. Despite this, I edited a lot of AN ANGEL ENSNARED, the betas are working through CRY HAVOC with great fervour… At least 20 of 32 anyway, I’ve created a couple more illustrations for CRY HAVOC, and I’m thinking about a new business venture to help other Indie Authors finish their books. Check it all out below!

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Weekly Newsletter 75: Jan 7-13

Week two of the new year has gone… Interesting to be sure. We’ve had a few power outages here and boy have they made life interesting, but I’ve got my laptop back, and I’m FINALLY back on my “normal” sleep schedule so the creative juices are flowing again...

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