Kalista Chronicles, Book 1: A Born Angel:

Published on 31 October 2021 at 03:00

Content Warnings and possible Triggers:

     A Born Angel is rated PG-13 for graphic violence, flashes of torture, familial abuse, depictions of death, and vulgar language. Talk of Past Traumas including imprisonment, death of a loved one, and separation from a parent.

back of the book Blurb:

Every Action has a consequence...

    Lashdanôke, the Hidden City was meant to be the perfect place for Preternaturals to live free of the animosity of the Human Race. As the Return to Earth approaches, unrest sets in as the perfect façade fades and one girl is thrust into the spotlight after a series of unfortunate events.


    Young Kalista Iliana Angelic is a straight-A student who does her best to stay out of trouble, but she has a knack for being in the wrong place at just the right time. When she agrees to spy on her sister for her mother, she ends up in the quarantined Death Demon Sector and her life is forever changed.

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Summary (Spoilers):

    The book that started it all!

    It opens with a prologue from the perspective of Beryx, a member of the Council of Fire, the then head of the Preternatural Judicial system. The prologue explains how time moves differently in Lashdanôke and why it does before sending you into the thick of Kalista's story.

    Kalista, heir of Lucifer has been fighting against stigmas, stereotypes, and prejudice her entire life. As the Heir of Light, Truth, and Knowledge, she has an insatiable need to gain as much knowledge as fast as she can, and find the truth hidden in even the most twisted of lies. This gets her into trouble more often than not: Firstly, for having information that she shouldn’t, and secondly, for being in places and talking with people that are deemed unfit or downright dangerous.

    In this book, we learn what led her to make a deal with the most wanted Demokæ (def. Fallen Angel) in existence for the truth about something that the Council of Spirits (the ruling government), her parents, and her teachers refused or couldn’t tell her. Thus, beginning her journey as the prophesied Eh Aknobas Charka (def. The Redeemer of the Broken), which is often corrupted to Charka Aknobas, the Broken Redeemer.

This leads to many a problem for the young heir with an old soul. 

Illustrations: From the Author

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