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The Religious Aspect/Issue

     I want to start by saying that this is a subject I've been thinking about addressing for a while now, but I've been too nervous because it is a sensitive topic. A lot of people, including myself, have trauma surrounding religion. It was brought to my attention a few days ago —and several other times during the last two years— that because I write Urban Fantasy books about Angels and Demons who live semi-harmoniously alongside humans, it leads some to believe that my books are religious in nature or might push my religion.

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December 2023

Weekly Writer Update 69: Nov 26- Dec 2

    Welcome to December! I don’t know about yours but mine has been COLD! It’s barely been above 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 Celsius), but the words and Sales have been coming in HOT! 2 sales happening for the Born Angel Universe in December... info at the end of the blog!

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Beta Reader and ARC Review Information

First, thank you for clicking the link or button that sent you here, I'll try not to take up too much of your time, but I'm going to go over what A Beta Reader and An ARC Reviewer are and what I'm looking for from mine.

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November 2023

Weekly Writer Update 68: Novemeber 19-25

    This week amped back up again. I’ve been writing up a storm in between stressors, the funeral, and thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe that the next blog will be in December! (o.0) (Also, check out the bundle sale in my shop!)

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Weekly Writer Update 67: November 12-18

    This week has very much less busy, and I’ve not done so much writing because I’ve been processing some hard blows this week. One personal thing that I won’t be sharing, and my Uncle Jay died Thursday. I’m still processing so today will be short.  

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Weekly Writer Update 66: November 5-11

    This week has been a busy one from start to finish, and entering the second week of writing the 5th Kalista Chronicles Book: An Angel Ensnared for NaNoWriMo. Plus, the 4th book, An Angel's Advent is Available for Preorder… and I’m running a Christmas Sale in my shop… It’d go better if Algorithms would stop suppressing me.

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Weekly Writer Update 65: 28-4

    Happy National Novel Writing Month! Also known as November, for those who aren't writers. So many things happened this week and it makes one very tired author, BUT I’m feeling accomplished as well! Though still a bit sad that the last preordered didn’t do so well… Read on for the details!

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Kalista Chronicles, book 4: An Angel's Advent

An Angel's Advent is rated NC-17: There is some violent flashbacks, swearing, nudity, and mild traumatic events. Talk of past and present trauma including, but not limited to: non-consensual acts of a sexual nature, mind control, self-harm, the binding ritual, and familial abuse.

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October 2023

Weekly Writer Update 64: 22-27

     There are only 2 days until the Kalista Chronicles, book 3: A Broken Redeemer comes out! I am so excited and a bit disappointed just because there hasn’t been as many preorders for it. I think it’s just the time of year… or I put too many books out in one year… but there’s still one to go! (>_

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NaNoWriMo: Past Projects

Welcome to the last National Novel Writing Month “Preparation” blog. Today, I’m going over the last 9 years of NaNoWriMo, and where those projects/books are now. This will be interesting, but I apologize now as it is Twice as long as my usual blogs. So, let’s jump right in.

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Weekly Writer Update 63: October 15-21

    There are only 9 days until the Kalista Chronicles, book 3: A Broken Redeemer goes live, and I got my first order of paperbacks yesterday! I will be giving the first one to my grandmother today as she was the first one to preorder. It’s so Exciting! Now, for the rest of what happened this week!

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