Book 1: A born Angel

Every Action has a consequence...

    Lashdanôke, the Hidden City was meant to be the perfect place for Preternaturals to live free of the animosity of the Human Race. As the Return to Earth approaches, unrest sets in as the perfect façade fades and one girl is thrust into the spotlight after a series of unfortunate events.

    Young Kalista Iliana Angelic is a straight-A student who does her best to stay out of trouble, but she has a knack for being in the wrong place at just the 
right time. When she agrees to spy on her sister for her mother, she ends up in the quarantined Death Demon Sector and her life is forever changed.

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Book 2: A Brave Sacrifice


    And Kalista feels the metaphorical noose of the Master's hold tightening around her throat. After training with him and his most trusted servants all winter long, her abilities are at their best and her body is a weapon. Any day someone could find out about their deal, and she needs a way out.

    When the entire Senior Class heads to the Outskirts to be groomed for a position at the new Government Agency back on earth, everything comes crashing down around her. She can't be the Master's informant and an Agent.

    Can she get out of her deal with the Master without risking the life of her soulmate? What will happen if everyone learns that she's been feeding him information.

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Book 3: A Broken Redeemer

Always Read the Fine Print

    Imprisonment is nothing like Kalista imagined. It’s worse. With the Master’s Zealots dishing out her punishment, she struggles to stay sane. Drugged and powerless, she has one thing to keep her going: It won’t last forever.

    Rigorous testing pushes her body to the limits while they isolate her. Only her stubbornness can save her from their mental games. Will she survive this only to go insane after the ritual like the other children? Will she adapt and survive their torture or will Vretil make her:

The Broken Redeemer

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Book 4: An Angel's Advent

Now We Wait... 

Kalista is unconscious. No one knows if the Ritual worked or not. The days stretch on leaving Beryx and her family wondering when she will wake up and how she will be when she does.

      With no prophecy to tell them, and no Mentakinetic on their side willing to use their power to see into her mind, they try to decipher her incoherent babbling and wait for the day that she wakes from her coma, praying that it will all make sense then.

      Beryx refuses to give up on the love of his life. He remains at her side, fighting for her and her sanity, safety, and happiness even if that means putting himself at risk. Because she is the love he’s waited a lifetime for.

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