The Kalista Chronicles US


The Born Angel Novels: the Kalista Chronicles is the first series in the Born Angel Universe Saga and the Born Angel Novels. It features Kalista, the Born Angel of Light, Truth, Knowledge, Healing, and more… With nine angels in her family tree, she packs a lot of power in a very small frame.

This series follows her from her teenage years through to her adult life and all the hardships of being the Heir to the Preternatural throne with all that entails.

This series starts out Young Adult and transitions to New Adult then full Adult. Books 1 & 2 are rated PG-13 and book 3 & 4 are NC-17. Please, check the Book Blogs to find out more about their ratings, Content Warnings and Possible Triggers.

Reading Order:
A Born Angel (Read the first five chapters)
A Brave Sacrifice
A Broken Redeemer
The Christmas Special 

All books are signed.