Kalista Chronicles, book 3: A Broken Redeemer

Published on 31 October 2023 at 00:05


This book takes the series from Young Adult to New Adult with a splash of Dark Fantasy and Horror fitting for the Queen of Halloween herself, Kalista Iliana Angelic (the Main Character).

Content Warnings and Possible Triggers:

This book is rated NC-17 & contains graphic violence, gore, nudity, murder, Asyllum scenes, nonconsensual acts, vulgar language, and some talk or eluding to past traumas such as self-harm, spousal abuse, child abuse, and rape.

Please Read with caution.

Back of the Book Blurb:

Always Read the Fine Print...

Imprisonment is nothing like Kalista imagined. It’s worse. With the Master’s zealots dishing out her punishment, she struggles to stay sane. Drugged and powerless, she has one thing to keep her going: It won’t last forever.

Rigorous testing pushes her body to the limits while they isolate her. Only her stubbornness can save her from their mental games. Will she survive this only to go insane after the ritual like the other children? Will she adapt and survive their torture or will Vretil make her:

The Broken Redeemer.


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