Kalista Chronicles, Book 2: A Brave Sacrifice

Published on 31 October 2022 at 08:30

Content Warnings and Possible Triggers:

    A Brave Sacrifice is rated PG-13 for graphic violence, visions of torture, familial abuse, depictions of death, Crime scenes, and vulgar language. There is also traumatic events such as the death of a friend, a criminal trial, kidnapping, and bodily harm along with talk of Past Traumas including imprisonment, death of a loved one, and separation from a parent.

~ Read with Caution ~

back of the book Blurb:

Spring is here!

     And Kalista feels the metaphorical noose of the Master's hold tightening around her throat. After training with him and his most trusted servants all winter long, her abilities are at their best and her body is a weapon. Any day someone could find out about her deal with him, and she needs a way out.


      When the entire Senior Class heads to the Outskirts to be trained for a position at the Preternatural and Mythical Creatures Agency, everything comes crashing down around her. She can’t be the Master’s informant and an Agent. Can she get out of her deal with the Master without risking the life of her soulmate? What will happen if everyone learns that she's been feeding him information?

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Summary: Spoilers

    We open with Kalista walking downstairs with a pack on, talking about a school trip. She enters the kitchen where her brother throws her favorite fruit, a star fruit, at her to test her reflexes. She catches it and puts it down as she is fixing her sleeves. Her best friend, Michael Spiriter then comes out of their pantry, and they talk about the trip. It appears to be more than the Council of Spirit and Headmaster Misery said.

    The Master’s presence presses on Kalista’s mind as she wonders what they are trying to accomplish. She grows increasingly unsettled as she learns of the training that is going to take place. The Students are divided into groups of eighty and placed in different Camps to complete training to become agents of the newly instated “Preternatural and Mythical Creatures Agency” when the city returns to Earth. Kalista realizes that she cannot become an agent if she is already working for the Master. She needs to get out of her contract, but how?

     When she meets the Council of Fire, some of that tension eases, but this is short lived as the Dark One, aka Vretil, shows himself, and stops her from possibly outing him. He nearly suffocates her with his power and she is escorted out of the meeting by none other than her half brother Beelzebub Fate. This leads to her telling him about her soulmate, and the Master terminating their contract by trying to kill her for betraying him.

    Beelzebub saves her and assigns himself as her personal trainer as they share most of the same powers. Before training can begin, she is summoned to a trial by the Council of Spirit as there has been a murder and she was the last one to see the victim alive.


Book one: A Born Angel released on October 31, 2021.

Book three: A Broken Redeemer is set to release on October 31, 2023.

Book four: (Title not Reveal in November) will come shortly after that on December 17th.

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