Kalista Chronicles, book 4: An Angel's Advent

Published on 2 November 2023 at 03:16

Content warnings and possible triggers:

An Angel's Advent is rated NC-17: There is some violent flashbacks, swearing, nudity, and mild traumatic events. Talk of past and present trauma including, but not limited to: non-consensual acts of a sexual nature, mind control, self-harm, the binding ritual, and familial abuse.

~ read with caution ~

~~ Warning ~~

If you have not read the first three books of the Kalista Chronicles,

TURN BACK NOW as MANY spoilers abound on this page!

Back of the book Blurb

Now We Wait...

      Kalista is unconscious. No one knows if the Ritual worked or not. The days stretch on leaving Beryx and her family wondering when she will wake up and how she will be when she does.

      With no prophecy to tell them, and no Mentakinetic on their side willing to use their power to see into her mind, they try to decipher her incoherent babbling and wait for the day that she wakes from her coma, praying that it will all make sense then.

      Beryx refuses to give up on the love of his life. He remains at her side, fighting for her and her sanity, safety, and happiness even if that means putting himself at risk. Because she is the love he’s waited a lifetime for.

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