Kalista Chronicles, book 5: An Angel Ensnared

Published on 25 February 2024 at 21:30

Content warnings and possible triggers:

AN ANGEL ENSNARED is rated M for for language, crime scene gore, visions of past and future trauma, nudity, semi-closed door adult romance, and discussions of criminal acts such as but not limited to abduction, torture, drugs, and murder. 

~ read with caution ~

~ Coming Halloween 2024 ~

Back of the book Blurb

(Spoilers for books 1-4 READ WITH CAUTION)


    Now that she’s officially declined the invitation to join the Preternatural and Mythical Creatures Agency, Kalista prepares for college life but that's not until autumn. In the meantime, she works to find her place, not only in her family dynamic, but also in society while she regains control of her immense power. Then, it happens, another vision.

    When she investigates, she finds more than she imagined, and sets out to free a captive that she previously considered an enemy. Along the way, she finds allies in family she never knew she had, who encourage her do to the Maker’s Will no matter what.

     Will Kalista and her newfound allies be able to save the ensnared Angel, or will the Underworld stop them?

~ Beta & Arc Reading ~

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Illustrations from the author:


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