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These are the Weekly Update/Newsletter blogs from Jenn A. Morales, the author of the Born Angel Universe saga. Each blog contains 4 sections: Author Life, Writing & Editing, Publishing, and An Art Feature.

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Weekly Newsletter 97: June 9-15

     We’re gearing up to start beta reading Friday! This means I’m checking to make sure the chunks of chapters are all updated, bugging my editor to see how close she is to finishing chunk two, and the email is ready to go out. All the betas are excited and ready to read, which would’ve made me even more excited, except life happened this week…

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Weekly Newsletter 94: May 19-25

     This week, work got done! From posting on all of my social media, to writing, editing, and even a comic book page as a promo for An Angel Ensnared. And that’s just the book stuff! 

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Weekly Newsletter 93: May 12-18

This week my brain just was not “braining.” So, I buckled down and did a LOT of art. I did however get a few other projects started or edited too, plus I’ve been posting frantically about needing betas for AN ANGEL ENSNARED! More details below!

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Weekly Newsletter 92: May 5-11

     This week has been relaxing, and getting right back to business. Writing, editing, and enjoying it and following the flow of creativity. Also, the Beta Reading of An Angel Ensnared starts in 42 days, and I’m nervous about it. If you’ve read the Kalista Chronicles, and want to be one of the few who read it before its published, check out the “publishing” section of this week’s blog.

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Weekly Newsletter 91: April 28-May4

    Happy Star Wars Day! May the force free you. The word for this week is CONCERT! I got to attend my first ever "standing/general admission" concert yesterday! It was so much fun, and I got to take my god-brother and his wife too! We had a blast, but that's not all I did this week...

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Weekly Newsletter 90: April 21-27

    The word for this week is Recovery… Because I have just finished my round of antibiotics and I am feeling better. I’ve actually been productive! Read about all that’s gone on and exciting things below!

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Weekly Newsletter 89: April 14-20

    The word for this week is Infection… Because I have either a viral infection or an upper respiratory/sinus infection, which I caught while on Vacation last week. Needless to say, I’ve not gotten any work done as I’ve been resting, but here are some updates…

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Weekly Newsletter 87: March 31-April 6

HAPPY APRIL! The word for this week is Anticipation, because I’ve been anticipating vacation ever since Sunday, which I've been planning for! In the meantime, I’ve been writing, creating, and posting about the Kindle preorder giveaway! Have you heard about it yet?

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Weekly Newsletter 86: March 24-29

The word for this week is Hazy… I feel like I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to and was too caught up in the next few weeks events instead of the present. But I did get the preorders all sent out/delivered, and I wrote a lot.

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