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Published on 25 February 2024 at 21:30

First, thank you for clicking the link or button that sent you here, I'll try not to take up too much of your time, but I'm going to go over what A Beta Reader is and what I'm looking for from mine.

If you already know what they are, feel free to skip down to the "What I look for" bit and


What is A Beta Reader?

      A beta reader is someone who reads a book that is on the road to being published, but is not fully polished, and gives the author feedback (both good and bad) about said book, or sections of that book they were given. Most authors will outline what they are looking for from you when they put out a “Call” for Betas. Mine is below.

    As a rule I try to have at least one person who has NEVER read ANY of my books BETA read for me, so if you've not read my books, don't worry! You should be able to keep up... At least for the Created Angel Chronicles. (^_^;) However, The Born Angel Novels: The Kalista Chronicles are much more involved and you need to read up on them first, which you can do FOR FREE via ebook on Dec 15th! (See details on the homepage)

    If you're looking to just read and review, Click below!

Arc Reader Info

What do I look for in a Beta Reader?

  • Those who can commit to reading the full book.

    ~ You may think this is a "no, duh" statement, but you'd be surprised. ~
    1. I will give the time frame, Content Warnings and Possible Triggers and so on before you start ANY book.
    2. Warning: my books are addictive (so I've been told). If you Beta read one book, there is a likelihood that you will want to Beta Read others and I HIGHLY encourage it, but understand if you can't/don't want to do that.
  • Those who check their messages:

    1. Again, this may seem like a "No, duh" statement, but again, you'd be surprised how many Betas forget to check their messages or the Beta Server for weeks during the process. 
    2. I do have a Discord Server for Beta Readers, but I do also offer Beta Reading over Email. The Discrod Server is not a "must" but it is nice to have everyone in one place for discussions about the books and just general interaction as I like to get to know my beta readers better.
      --> WARNING: We are a tight knit group over there, so be prepared for lots of interesting topics, real life moments, and dark humor memes.. 
    3. I have generalized and Social anxiety and during the beta reading process this gets worse. Communication is the key to keeping my anxiety under control, so I need people that can commit to being in communication at least twice a week.
  • Those who can give feedback (outlined in the next portion):

    1. At the end of each section, I need to know that you have completed it, and feedback on the section that I gave you before you get another section.
    2. If you're on the Beta Reader Discord Server, I give them on a set day of the week, but like for feedback to be given in the appropriate thread under the PDF. (more about feedback below).
    3. If you leave me on read, or I do not hear from you in two weeks, I will assume that something has come up in your life, or you hate the book and have ghosted me. 
    4. That being said, PLEASE, keep me informed if you are not going to finish. I am understanding about things and will not yell at or be mad at you for not being able to hold up your end of the bargain.  

  • What Feedback am I looking for?

    • General Feedback:

      1. Did you like it?
        - This can be a simple yes or no, but the more details the better.
      2. Was there any part that stuck out to you as odd, rough, or wrong?
        - Again, this could be as simple as “It seemed well worded, I enjoyed it, and found no errors.” Or you can go into great detail on how the character arc being off, how you don’t like the drinking, swearing, lifestyle choices of characters, and what not.
        - Though, Newsflash: sometimes I don’t like it either, but they are their own being, and if every character were like me in values, lifestyle, and beliefs, it a) wouldn’t be realistic and b) would get old very fast.
      3. Was their something that you absolutely loved... or hated?
        For Example:
        • Did a quote make you laugh, cry, scream, have to stop and ponder life?
        • Did a scene make you emote?
        • Did I hit you in the feels with a ten-fifty pound mallet of emotion?
        • Was there something that made you want to throw the book across the room?
        • All of that encourages me to keep going and helps me know what “worked”, or didn't.
        • Please, do not spare my feelings. If there is something that feels odd for the established character, or simply rubs you wrong, please, tell me. Odds are, you aren’t the only one thinking it, but everyone else is too afraid to do so.
        • Do not be afraid to voice your opinions. I am hard to offend.
    • Corrections:

      For any and all corrections, I need you to have a direct quote. Copy and paste is best as you may remember it one way when that’s not the exact quote, and therefore it's harder to look it up & correct it. Screenshots of the passage are also appreciated. Even page numbers can be different depending on the reader, so Chapter and quote are best!

      1. Did you see any typos?
      2. Were there any misused, misspelled, or omitted words, etc.
             Note: This is usually caught by editors, but even traditionally published books have errors that come through. Even editors can get caught up in reading and not catch things if they’re not using software that flags things for them. It’s not a big deal if you don’t find any and someone else does, this is why I have 10 - 20 betas, at least 3 editors, and more eyes on the protect before publication.

    • End Notes:

           After you’ve read the entire book, I like a bit more general feedback, see if anything has changed now that you've completed it.
      For example:
      1. Were all your questions answered?
      2. Did you find any plot holes?
      3. Did something not get resolved?
        Beware: that as these are long series, what you’re looking for may not be resolved until the next book.

  • Reviews:

       After the book release, it would be ever so helpful for the book, and for me as an Author, if you would eave a good/decent/honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd or anywhere else the book is sold, OR on your social media (see below). One or the other is okay, a few would be amazing, or All would be a godsend.

  • This step is not required for Beta Readers, but is for ARC Copies.
  • It will help me and my books succeed.
    • How so?
    • In terms of social media:
      - Reads are like views: If a book gets 20 reads on kindle (if you're on KU), that’s great.
      - Star Ratings are like favorites/likes.
      - Written Reviews are like a comments. It lets sites know that the book is worthy of being pushed to other people.

  • Sharing:

        I usually don’t state this, because I haven’t worked it all the way out yet, but if you share it with someone you know or an acquaintance that might love it. This will help immensely as I’m a "baby author" and still looking to grow my audience.
    • Where & How can you share it?
      1. Share my social posts to your pages, stories, or just press “Share” and “Copying link” this will let the algorithm know that people like it and are sending it to other people.
        --> Tip: if you do share it and you write a little snippet like “quoting” a tweet instead of just reposting it, or writing a little note, or (even one line) excerpt from the book or a favorite quote from it, that will help it reach more people.
      2. Make your own social media post about the book/books:
        1. Talk about the book itself.
        2. Maybe talk about the beta experience.
        3. Say why you liked/loved/enjoyed it.
        4. This is like a review but on your socials where your followers, and the rest of the world might see it instead of  just on sites you can get the book.
        5. Tip: don’t include a link in the main body or text of your post. This can drag your views down and cause it to not be scene. If you put it into the comments that helps.
      3. Word of mouth:
        1. Talk to someone about it in person.
        2. Mention it in passing conversation.
        3. It could be an icebreaker at places like doctors offices, luncheons with family, friends, or awkward business parties.

Beta Reader form: Chaos Theory Open July 17

     Chaos Theory the 5th book of the The Created Angel Chronicles. You need to read, or have read the Deadly Sirens Mini series aka Discord's Nightmare & Cry Havoc in order to Beta (and Arc Read) for this book.

    If you would like links to the other stores, you will find them under their book blogs, which also features the trigger warnings, blurbs, and so on:

1. The Stained Angel

2. The Haunted Angel

3. Discord's Nightmare

4. Cry Havoc

    If you have not read this series and will agree to read and review all 4 books before September 15th, I am willing to give you all four for FREE. All you have to do is email me!

thanks for reading! Here's a Snippet from 

Chaos Theory: Chapter 3

     I stood in the September chill, and a steady stream of regulars poured into the club mixed with a few new faces. Nothing out of the ordinary, but none of them were particularly violent, threatening, or broody, and none were tall enough to be the third man. The club was nearly packed as three am and my ‘Witching Hour’ stint drew near. I started to think that the third Agent was standing the others up.

     I turned to go inside when the loud engine of an American made muscle car rumbled down the street. It was unusual to hear that particular roar in the city. The primal piece of me that longed to leave Paris and everything behind sat up at the noise, like a cat whose ears perked up at a new sound. My stomach tightened with anticipation, and I turned toward the street. I leaned against the doorframe as I spotted a black Pontiac speeding toward the parking lot.

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Kelli (B_reads)
9 days ago

I am the mod of your interview with Niki! I would love the read ALL of the books! This series feels like it’s right up my alley, and I will be reading them anyway! I’m also doing a book club podcast! So I’d love to ARC for you also!!!