Created Angel Chronicles, Book 2: The Haunted Angel

Published on 9 April 2023 at 01:30

Content Warnings and Possible Triggers:

    The Haunted Angel is rated M for Mature and contains Violence, gore, vulgar language, nudity, crime scenes, a murder, some talk or eluding to past traumas such as self-harm, spousal abuse, child abuse, and rape.

~ Please Read with caution ~

Back of the Book Blurb

    With a growing list of missing Angels, including the one his soul loves, Forseti can focus on nothing else. Struggling against his growing insanity, he searches desperately for clues and allies wishing the Maker would point him in the right direction, but He remains silent.

    After five months, Forseti has exhausted all his leads and he’s at his wits end. That’s when he gets an unexpected phone call. On the other end is the last person he would have guessed. Can the Maker’s Judge convince his soulmate’s best friend to trust him and help find her, or will she continue to suspect him of being a serial killer?

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Summary (Spoilers):

     It has been five months since the events of The Stained Angel. Forseti has been utilizing every tool at his disposal to find Leighla. Why? Because he feels guilty. Guilty that he wasn’t fast enough, that he didn’t walk in and sit with her, and most of all, guilty that he waited so long to say anything. Sitting with this guilt has hampered his senses, grated on his nerves, and caused him to exhaust any leads he had. Until he gets a message from none other than Miseria Mortem, Leighla’s roommate, niece, and best friend.

     The message is simple “I heard through the grapevine that you want Leighla’s computer or her tablet. I have both.” He agrees to meet with her, which starts the whirlwind investigation that has more twists than a backroad in West Virginia. Along the way Forseti meets up with Odin, Hel, Freya, Arawn, and Ernmas to name a few. We also find out more information about Ravynn, Forseti’s cat who made an appearance in The Stained Angel, though in that book Leighla thought her name was spelled R-a-v-e-n.

     From doomed relationships, Angels corrupting, and the good guy being a serial killer, this book is sure to keep you entertained. The first book, The Stained Angel came out in April of 2022, and the third book, Discord’s Nightmare will debut in July of 2023.

Illustrations: From the Author

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