Created Angel Chronicles, Book 3: Discord's Nightmare

Published on 15 April 2023 at 03:30

Content Warnings and Possible Triggers:

    Discord's Nightmare is rated M for Mature and contains violence, gore, vulgar language, nudity, sex, rekindled romance, polyamory, pansexual main character, and talk of past traumas including sexual abuse, spousal abuse, drugs, and more.

~ Please Read with caution ~

Back of the Book Blurb

     When a Corrupted Angel with no qualms of killing to accomplish their goals comes to town, you call in a Redeemed Angel willing to do the same, Discord. Being the Angel of Death, Hope, and Life has always been complicated, but now that the deck is stacked against her, and her corrupted soulmate is in the same town as one of her sons, it is Discord’s Nightmare.

     When push comes to shove, nothing will stop her from protecting her family, biological and found, burying her enemies, and doing what is right for those under her protection…

But at what cost?

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Summary (Spoilers):

If you have not read The first two books, Stained Angel and Haunted Angel, I would highly recommend it, though it is not 100% necessary.

Breakdown of Events:

 - Prologue from the point of view of the Love interest -

 - Chapter One: Discord's POV, but 5,000 years before. Being chased by her Corrupted Soulmate.

 - Chapter Two: Present day... maybe?

 - "Stop messing with my mind!"

 - "I'm not getting involved!"

 - "I came here for one person, not to join your case."

 - Doing the Devil's dirty work. 

 - "A big strong man."

 - "That can't be him."

 - Well, this just got a thousand times harder.

 - Dealing with past truama and relationship drama while trying to get a lead from a smarmy bastard.

 - Singing at a speakeasy... it's not easy.

 - Things go further south.

 - The Devil's in the Details. 

 - Now that the bastard is dead...

 - More relationship drama. 

Illustrations: from the Author

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