Suffering From Burnout - A Poem

Published on 24 May 2023 at 02:32

I've been struggling with burnout for quite some time, but I've come to realize that burnout doesn't come from how much you do or how fast you're doing them. It comes when people don't appreciate it.

So, here's a poem I wrote about that.

Suffering From Burnout...

by Jenn A. Morales

It happens in such little ways,

And people say, “It’s just a phase.”

But when you’ve lived with it for years

You overthink and it ends in tears.

You’ve tried everything to just recharge,

but mundane tasks seem just too large.

When you’re feeling not yourself,

You sit and organize your bookshelf.

You go about the simple tasks,

Hoping that nobody asks

About the hurt that’s deep inside,

About that pain you try to hide,

And you always say, “I’m fine.”

while no one interacts with what you post online. 


You hope your work will soon payoff,

But most people just turn you off.

They act like your friend when you meet on the street,

then talk about bad about you, and you Retreat.

You go back to the place you feel most inspired.”

And you tell everyone that you’re, “Just tired.”


You’re tired of the lies they claim,

Wishing they didn’t play those games,

But for your work to succeed,

Your heart is going to bleed.


You push the hurt deep down inside,

And do your best not to hide.

But they’re never going to understand.

Yet, their hurtful words won’t stop what you’ve planned.


You continue to pursue your dreams,

And try to drown out the screams

Of doubt that overwhelms your mind,

Because their words are so unkind,

And you wish that you could just rewind.

Go to the place where you felt supported,

But if you did, you’d just get reported.

Shoved into the corner, so no one can see,

And they wonder why you’re no longer carefree.

You hope that everything will soon turnout,

But instead, you’re suffering from burnout.

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