Character Inspiration: Where does it come from?

Published on 1 March 2023 at 08:30

   Welcome to the Wednesday blogs! This will be all about my work, from drawing and writing to illustrating and publishing. I hope to give tips and tricks, show you my process, or like today, answer a question that was asked over on TikTok…


I asked for FAQ suggestions over on TikTok, and this question was asked by a friend of mine, Sarah (aka @wheresthepizza46) who frequently leaves comments and likes and makes me smile a lot, also her videos make me grin too. Anyway! I didn’t feel that a paragraph on my FAQ was adequate enough to explain, since there is no one source of character inspiration. Like the vast amount of characters in my series there are main sources I draw from, but I’ll narrow it down to four…

The first source is, like most authors, Dreams...

It’s as old as the written word. Whether it was a daydream or a realistic dream I had while sleeping, I see a character clearly in my head and I start to dwell on their actions thus breaking down their character. It’s not for everyone, some people don’t have such vivid dreams, but I was blessed in this aspect… or cursed, I’ll talk about that in another blog on another day.


The Second source is the internet...

Whether I find a picture, a video, hear a quote, or see someone that just gives me, to use a pop culture term “Main Character Energy” I’ll build a character off this. It could be their hair, their mannerisms, their speech patterns… As they say, anything is fair game on the internet.


The Third source is friends and family...

I cannot count the number of times someone has said something IRL and I run to write it down then as I’m writing I see the character pop up in my head. This can sometimes spark an entire story, or they could just end up a cool side character in the grand scheme of things.


The Fourth is my own art...

Sometimes I just sit down with my tablet or at my computer and I design a new character through drawing a doodle or tweaking a model in Daz Studio, the 3D modeling program that I use and will be talking about in other Wednesday Blogs. A new character comes to life and sometimes they’re a side character, a main character, an alias, or a child of the current cast, it really is a toss up most times.


Final Notes:

Taking the character from thought or rough outline to make them a fully flushed out character can sometimes be as easy as filling out a character sheet whether in depth or a simple one. Other times, it takes me writing a few books, scenes, or sometimes it takes leaving the writing to sit for a bit coming back and editing it before the character really stands out. It’s like when you make a character for a roleplay game, it takes a few sessions to truly find their voice.


If you have a minute and want to check out some of my characters, and the extensive bios, check the cast page!

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That’s all for this blog. If you have a question or topic you’d like me to cover, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

~ Jenn, aka Born Angel Author.

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