The Publishing Schedule 2023

Published on 1 January 2023 at 22:07

1) The Haunted Angel: Book 2 of the Created Angel Chronicles.

January 1st: I revealed the cover and sent the book to the BETA readers.

March 9th: Preorders will begin links will be added on this page.

April 9th: RELEASE DAY!!!

2) Discord's Nightmare: Book 3 of the Created Angel Chronicles

March 15th: My Editor and Alpha readers start reading.

April 15th: Cover Reveal and BETA's get the book. 

June 15th: Preorders drop everywhere! links will be added on This page.

July 15th: Release Day!

3) A Broken redeemer: Kalista book 3

July 17th: Editor and Alpha Reader gets the book.

August 17th: Cover Reveal and the BETA readers start reading.

September 31st: preorders begin! Links will be on this page.

October 31st: RELEASE DAY!

4) Christmas: an Angel's Advent: Kalista book 4

September 15th: Editor and Alpha readers start reading!

October 15th: BETAs start reading.

November 3rd: Cover Reveal!

November 17th: Preorders begin! Links will be on this page.

December 17th, and my birthday, Release day!

As always, comments are welcome, and you can follow me on other forms of social media for more updates too!


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