Weekly Writer Update 30: Mar 4-11th

Published on 11 March 2023 at 04:58

30th writer blog!!! (O.0) what?!?

I did not realize that THIS was blog number 30... Well, that just makes the imposter syndrome that much less logical. Anyhow, more about that to come!

Author Happenings:

This week… **pauses to breathe** This week… **groans** I'm going to be honest again. This week has sucked for me mentally. Why? I spent the majority of my time focused on the Pre-orders and getting them ready that I didn't edit or write for three days and that always grates on me. Then Wednesday, (after preorders launched Tuesday flopped because of algorithms), I got smacked with imposter syndrome… That needs to be a blog all in itself to unpack, so I’ll not write about that here. Come back Wednesday for that. Today, I finally snapped out of the haze and finished up the cover of Discord's Nightmare… (Which I can’t show you until April 15th. (^_-) Mark your calendars.) I also edited about ten chapters! woohoo!

The Current WIP:

I'm still editing Discord’s Nightmare while my first editor, Maxine Kisner is editing it in chunks. I have sped passed her, and am now on Chapter Forty-Three… Is it currently 4:41am? Yes. Was I up because I was still editing at 4 am before I finally decided bed was necessary for optimum cognitive function only to remember that I hadn’t written this? Also, yes. (^_^;)

In Publishing News:

The Haunted Angel is now ready to go! Pre-orders are up on Google, Kindle, and here in the shop! All there is to do now is wait until the 7th to hit the publish button and it will be published! <3 Also, I have 6 preorders already. 3 from here at the shop and 3 from amazon (nothing from google yet as of this blog)

Art Feature:

I really want to go ahead and show you all the cover of Discord’s Nightmare, but instead, I shall leave you with an older picture of Matt, aka Forseti. Something that I wanted to make it into the books but hasn’t this was an early concept and Forseti’s model looks much better now, but here is some concept art for them.  Yes, them. This is Leighla and Puriel. Leighla seen here in her taller form, and work gear. It could have been, or very well might be a scene in the 3rd Leighla Tenebrae novel... But as of right now, I do not have a scene like this. 

When I originally posted the picture to DeviantArt in 2020 I wrote this:

"He comes into her life via her career, An International Preternatural Marshall, as she's assigned a case where a Demokæ kills the worst or most wanted criminals and leaves the bodies for their conspirators to find. Five years, three cases, and twenty-five bodies later, she runs into him by chance and recognizes his preter presence. I'm still working on their full story, so you'll see more of them later.

In this picture, he's arrived a bit late to a crime scene. She was the first person on the scene, being an International Preternatural Marshall does have some advantages, though she was also there for other reasons and he arrived after the other officers (thus the red and blue tone to the picture)."


Those that have read "The Stained Angel" will know that's not how it happened, but back then, I hadn't even written Leighla's book. So, this may be a scene a bit in the future with them. I don't know right this moment, and it won't be much like what I wrote under it on DeviantArt. ALSO, if you go looking around my DeviantArt THERE ARE SPOILERS! You've been warned!

Special thank you to my sister, Cass and One of my editors/alpha readers, and best friend Lilah who both made a pre-oder plus purchase! That made my day!

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!


~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

Countdown to Haunted Angel Release: 29 days!

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