Weekly Writer Update 38: April 30-May 6

Published on 6 May 2023 at 08:30

This week was a lot

      So here are the highlights:

  • Finished the red pen mark ups of A Broken Redeemer (coming October 2023)
  • I had my follow up from my concussion. I’m healing nicely.
  • Bella got Spayed.
  • I’ve had three panic attacks. Nothing that could be helped. They're just mental, emotionally, and physically draining.
  • I’m battling with overthinking and anxiety about possibly surgery as I go to my MRI for my knee at 10:30 am and about life in general after and around that ordeal.

This coming week should be better as I start a new book and participate in a “Word Battle” over on a discord Writing servers.

The Wip:

     This week, I finished editing A Broken Redeemer and started inputting the edits! I am now halfway done putting them in and then I’ll pause for a bit while editor gets the first chunk, so I can participate in that Word Battle and write a new story that I have brewing in my noggin.

    The Beta’s have the fourth chunk of Discord’s Nightmare. I have also been working on some art for Delving into Darkness rulebook, which is my “Manager” Matt’s RP Game. Think Dungeons and Dragons, but better. (^_—)


    Let’s not talk about this right now as I am more than miffed at Amazon for sending things via the post office which means the books get damaged more often than not. On that note, I am opening up a new product in my store soon. Discount Books these will be a bit dinged up or have imperfections in the cover, but the insides are perfectly fine. I just don’t have the heart to sell them at full price when they aren’t perfect. I gotta figure out how to do it cause it's giving me a headache right now.

To the art!

    Here we have my RPG character Shadowfall who is a very tall Elf, a magic user, and a fighter. She is pictured here wielding her shield of Magic which gives her +3 to her armor which is already 19 due to her studded metal and fancy other shield. (^_—) I do not know what she is fighting, but it’s a biggun or else she wouldn’t use the magic shield.  

Please, keep me in your thoughts...

And prayers, if you’re the religious type. Having a leg injury often makes me feel invalid (both meanings of that word)and, quite frankly, useless. This leads to overthinking, worrying about the future, and stressing, which induces a panic attack.

that's all folks

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. 

~ Jenn

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June 15 preorders for Discord's Nightmare begin, July 15 book release day, August 17 Broken Redeemer Cover Reveal, October 31st Release day, November 2nd Cover and Name reveal for Christmas Book.

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a year ago

Your warrior spirit burns bright. It's amazing all of the creative work you get out, even with the life events that would stop most in their tracks.