Weekly Writer Update 71: Dec 10-16

Published on 16 December 2023 at 01:28

    Today is the last day to preorder An Angel’s Advent and get the art (both metal and printed), bookmarks, and an ornament, or two. This week has been better, but that’s because…

Author's Life:

      I put myself on vacation. Yes, I’m not writing, editing, or so on until the new year. I’m only doing blogs, packing boxes as stuff comes in, and posting to socials. That’s still a lot, but I’m trying not to do to much and just get myself through the end of the year. Then it will be “Taxes” time here in the US as I like to get mine done asap. So, as soon as I have my husbands tax papers, I’ll be doing them.  So…

Writing & Editing:

     I’ve decided not to push myself to write, edit, format, or do anything with publishing. Except for the blogs, and the posts to social media, which does take a bit of time for very minimal return, but I keep doing it.


An Angel's Advent:

Today is the Last Day for Pre-ordering An Angel's Advent!!

      If you read this Sunday, it’s already too late and you’ve missed out on the goodies, but it is BOOK DAY!

You can now get the book from Amazon for physical copies + eBooks, and you can check all the other places listed on the books page for eBooks. ALSO, Check out the sale at SMASHWORDS to get all 7 eBooks for FREE until January 1st! You can also get the signed copies in the shop too sans the goodies. So far, I've gotten 7 orders, hoping to get a few more today, but it doesn't look promising. 

Cry Havoc:

       Cry Havoc is now edited by my dad and my alpha reader, Lilah. Maxine is still not done with it, but Beta reading starts January 5th. If you would like to know more about CRY HAVOC, Click here. If you want sign-up to be a Beta Reader, which is involved and detailed, or an ARC reader, which simply requires you to read the book the month before it comes out and review it, see below. 

Art Feature:

     I didn’t get to do any more Angel’s Advent pics this week. I’ve been enamoured by Chaos and decided to just redo one of her pics that I did back in 2020 for my birthday. I’ve included both pictures so you can see the difference.

The picture from 2020

The new one that just finished

      This is Chaos, Angel of Death, Destruction, and War. I’ve blurred it because I don’t want to spoil it for some of you. Though, if you’re okay with spoilers, you can skip on over to my DeviantArt and see it, cause I posted it there.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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      I am running a HOLIDAY SALE now until the end of the year. Series Bundles are 25% off or you can get all 7 books for 30% off in ALL formats. For the Kalista Chronicles, that’s buy 3 get the 4th free!

There is also a sale going on via smashwords, as I said up in publishing. Go get all the eBooks for FREE!

The rest of this year:

November 5th - Book Box Madness/Pre-order begins! December 17th - Birthday book day!!!!

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