Year in Review: 2023

Published on 30 December 2023 at 05:30

     This is the last weekly newsletter blog of 2023! 0.0 I have done 52 blogs this year, and most of which were on time. ^_^; This blog is going to be a bit different, instead of writing about what happened this week –because I didn’t do much more than read, play video games, and do household things– I’ll be doing a Year in Review. I’ll do my best to keep it short, and there will be 2 art features at the end. ^_-

Author's Life:

       This year was full of ups and downs, depression, anxiety, and so much stress, but there were also good things too. I’ll start with the personal things.

My Highlights:
      I drove my first solo road trip, 6.5 hours, down to Ohio and back to be in my best friend from College’s wedding back in September, I also got a Laptop for writing and business things, that's helped me do so much more and frees up Hubby's laptop, and I got a Kindle for Christmas (among other things).

My Low Light:
    I did so much in the way of posting to social media to get the word out about my books and share them with you… It was draining, but I still did it.

My Biggest Growth:
       I’ve learned that I don’t have to do things just because someone else expects me to, or wants me to. I can say no and not feel guilty about it… OK, guilt still happens sometimes, but I do my best not to let it rule my life or add to the stress and anxiety.

The Hardest Moment:
       Learning that my body is even more messed up than I thought, and I’ve had to lay aside some hopes and dreams to focus on others.

Writing & Editing:

     While writing and editing, I added 336,387 words across 6 books… and that’s just books. That doesn’t count the blogs, countless social media posts, FAQ’s, outlines, blurbs, and business emails. It was a LOT of words!


     I published 4 books this year. 4 of them! To varying degrees of “success”, but that’s to be expected, and I shall never do it again. 3 books in a year is the max.

Art Feature:

     This week, as a thank you for the few and the faithful who come to my website to read my blog, I decided to give you all a sneak peak of the cover for my next book CRY HAVOC, since the Cover Reveal happens on January 1st (be sure to check my socials, and repost if you would, please). Thank you so much! 

      On the cover, per the usual, is the main character: Havoc, the 2nd  of the Deadly Sirens in both her mortal form (on the right), and her Angelic form (on the left) along with a howling hound on the spine. 

I’m also giving you a second picture. This is what I created for the “Winter Contest” over on my Star Wars fan group on DeviantArt. Let me explain. In the Star Wars Universe, they don’t have Christmas. They have Life Day, which is sort of like all of the December Holidays wrapped into one.

      For those who play SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) this years event was “Wookie Hugging.” Each day every character had the choice to start a mission called “Could Use a Hug” which was hugging 10 Wookies. If you parked on Nar Shaddaa, it was easy since there are 13 on the Promenade alone.

      Because that was in my head, I decided to make an image of it with my characters. In the middle is Kalista Angelyc, whom I made on the new Server {Shae Visla} hugging a 7’6” Wookie. To her Left is Jen’Ari, my sith Warrior and Wrath of the Galaxy, with her in game husband Theron Shan (a better picture of them here). To the far right is Jayana Organa, my Jedi Consular, with Lana Beniko, her in game girlfriend (so far). In the very back, is Matcal Nevearm, a Sith Warrior, who is played by my Support Australian, getting very close with his in-game wife, my Sith Assassin, Nev’ca. Then in the very-very back, tucked away in the alcove at the table with only her boots, showing is Gothca Tir’na’nog, my Smuggler. You can see a full picture of her over on my DeviantArt page.


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Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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