Weekly Newsletter 76: Jan 14-20

Published on 20 January 2024 at 01:50

      Week 3 of 2024 brought a Blizzard which meant my husband was home for 3 days. Despite this, I edited a lot of AN ANGEL ENSNARED, the betas are working through CRY HAVOC with great fervour… At least 20 of 32 anyway, I’ve created a couple more illustrations for CRY HAVOC, and I’m thinking about a new business venture to help other Indie Authors finish their books. Check it all out below!

Author's Life:

       This year seems to be trying to outdo itself! Buffalo where my Viking works got upwards of 60 inches of snow is some places and the city closed down for a few days, which meant he was here at home, and I didn’t do much reel/video posting on social media. Thank you, performance anxiety *rolls eyes*. I did finish A Court Of Sugar and Spice, it was amazing! And I also finished “Swamp of Flesh” A Dark Crystal Novel by my friend Anthony J. Sims (which is a fanfiction that we would both love to see as canon Dark Crystal). That was also so good, and I loved reading it again. I’m now reading “Rosemary and Rue” An October Daye Novel by Seanan McGuire (as recommended by my manager and his wife (>_^), I’m very much enjoying it.

      So, my Viking was back to work yesterday, so I recorded a few videos about book formatting for my TikTok. I was going to show how to format a book, via both Microsoft Word and Google Docs {GD}, but you can’t format a book fully with GD. As I know a few people who use GD to write, I decided why not ask the community if they’d be interested if I offered book formatting. It’d be relatively cheap $5 for 50k or less, $10 for 50-100k, and $15 for 101-150k. Why? because Formatting comes easy to me, and it’d be a way to both help others and make a bit more as an author. So, we’ll see what the Writing Community (on social media) thinks.   

Writing & Editing:

     I have been editing AN ANGEL ENSNARED and I’m happy to say that I’m now on chapter 37 of 38! I should finish editing it this weekend, and I hope to finish writing it this week so I can work on the rewrite of CHAOS THEORY, Deadly Sirens book 4. For An Angel Ensnared, I was at the big scene at the end when depression struck in December. (^_^;) I’m quite happy with where it’s going and that it will be done very soon… It also has 119k words right now, so I’m gonna try to get it done without too many words and then talk with my Manager (Yes, Matt, we may need to cut a chapter… I don’t wanna, but it’s not super necessary to have right now.) Anyhow, that brings me to Publishing…


An Angel’s Advent Update:

      Yes, I'm still talking about this. After saying I was going with a different company, the original company “Overnight Prints,” has finally sent the reprints, which got caught in the snowstorm, but they should be in this week. If they look good, *fingers cross* I’ll send them, and I’ll use the CatPrint ones for something else. If not, we’ll use the CatPrint prints, but regardless I'll be sending/delivering the books this week and I'll send the bookmarks after they get to me.

Cry Havoc Update:

       Out of 32 Beta Readers that started:

       1 has finished the entire book. (Thank you, Dee!!)
       5 have gotten through chunk 3 (which dropped yesterday, love my Betas that follow through)
       6 are working on chunk 3 now (and I'm so excited to hear their feedback)
       5 are still working through chunk 1… (which is a bit worrying but I'm glad they're still reading)
       3 have been moved to the ARC team (due to life getting busy on them)
       12 are either non-responsive or quit. (this is a bummer.)

      The ones who are non-responsive have been removed from Beta Reading, simply because we are nearly halfway through the allotted time, and they have not responded to any of my emails or messages in the last 2 weeks. This is a bummer, but more than half are actually reading this time around. I'm still disappointed about those who are unresponsive because 2 of them seemed really excited to read, then when the time came, everything disappeared. 

Art Feature:

       This week’s art feature was a suggestion from one of my beta readers, Aza. I have wanted to do this picture for quite a while but just hadn’t done it yet. Thank you, Aza for giving me the nudge I needed.

      This scene comes from Chapter 11 of Cry Havoc where Havoc (right) had stolen Chaos’s (left) phone from her hand and ran off into the woods out back of Chaos’s house, which ended in a tickle fight in the grass. (^_^) A happier moment in a moody book.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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