Weekly Newsletter 79: Feb 4-10

Published on 10 February 2024 at 01:25

We’ve survived another week of 2024. This week Toby Keith died, my meds are causing me insomnia, and my bad knee is seemingly getting worse, BUT I’ve gotten a lot done again in the writing department. AND more betas have finished CRY HAVOC book! Plus getting ready for the presale, which drops Wednesday!

Mark Your Calendars!

Author's Life:

   This week, the thyroid meds have kicked in. How do I know? I’m having sleep troubles (Insomnia), I can only sleep about 3-5 hours at a time, and I’m having mood swings, along with more joint trouble. The lack of sleep is making it hard to think some days and I forget things, so I have to write a lot more stuff down or I’ll forget something.

      My right knee, the one I had meniscus surgery on 12 years ago, and the same one they were thinking about replacing the kneecap of, is getting bad again. Like so bad that I have to ice it after taking a 20 minute shower, any activity that’s longer than 10 minutes, and yes that includes just standing for 45 minutes to make dinner. 🥺 All because I popped it on the 28th of January… Or perhaps the pop was the catalyst of something going wrong and I’ve just been aggravating it by doing things. Yeah, probably a bit of both.

Writing & Editing:

      I finished the rewrite of Chaos Theory early Wednesday morning! In 17 days, I edited the entire book and added another 24,346 words, boosting it up to 111,415 words! Unfortunately, I started going over it with my manager right after, and Thursday night/Friday morning we hit a snag. Now, have to rewrite it some more. On to draft 3! 😅Why? I messed up the pacing, got ahead of the story a bit, and I then got frustrated that I had “f*cked it up” (my words of self-doubt, not my managers). Took an hour and a half to talk me down from my moment of “I’m a horrible writer, and I mess everything up.” Thank you, Matt, for putting up with me when I’m like that, and helping me talk it out again.

      Yesterday, the proof copy came in! The print and inside looks great, but the cover is a bit dark, so I’m going to need to brighten it up a bit, but otherwise, it looks great! I’ll be going over it page by page with a red pen after I finish Chaos draft 3.


   Cry Havoc Update:

    Only 1 betas need to finish the book, and 12 total have finished, so far! We have 4 more days left for them to finish it. I’ve also gotten. I’ve also decided what art will be in the presale, and have gotten the picture designed for the front of the T-shirt, (Design to the side or below on mobile)! I can’t wait to put out the full promo on the 14th!

Presale starts February 14th

    Yes, I know that’s Valentine’s day, which happens to be 1.5 months from release day (April 9th). The reason I've given so much time is so that I can get the books in and to you BY RELEASE DAY (If not before). Here's the breakdown:

For Hardcovers: 

      Please order BEFORE MARCH 1st, because they take over a month to print and ship. Ideally, the sooner you order the more likely you are to get your book on Release day (if not a couple days before).

For Paperbacks:

     The cut off to get the book on release day is March 15th, because they take at most 2 weeks to get in. 

    You will still be able to order signed copies from me after that date, but they just won't get to you on Release Day. Here's a break down of prices and what comes in the "Presale" box.

Each book will come with:

  • book of your choice (Paperback $22, Hardcover $27)
  • 3-4 art prints (5x8)
  • One metal print 11x13
  • a bookmark
  • A sticker or two
  • T-shirt is an additional $42 (no mark up, just what I buy them for)
  • +$10 shipping.

⬆️Front of T-shirt ⬆️

⬆️Bookmark and Sticker⬆️

Art Feature:

       This week’s art feature is one that I thought about not showing yet, because this is a big spoiler/teaser for the last few chapters of the book, BUT it's romantic and fits for Valentine's day. Though, I won’t tell you anything about it, You'll have to read the book to find out who he is and why it looks like they're on a date. For now, I’ll just let you ogle the art as a little Valentine’s day treat from me to you. Also, this was a request from a few of my beta readers, and I'd meant to do it for a while, but they gave me the motivation.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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