Created Angel Chronicles, Book 5: Chaos Theory

Published on 10 July 2024 at 09:43

~ Coming April 2025 ~

Content warnings and possible triggers:

Chaos Theory is rated M for vulgar language, depictions of war, violence, gore, sexually explicit scenes between two consenting adults, gas lighting, description of past trauma such as imprisonment, torture mental and emotional, and bodily harm, implications of past trauma such as non-consensual sex, torture (physical), and manipulation.

~ read with caution ~

Back of the book Blurb


Paris, the city of Love, is the last place you’d expect to find the Angel of Death, Disorder, and Justice.

     Chaos is the Angel of Death, the Maker’s Vengeance. But all she wants is to be left alone to play video games, read, and spend time with her adopted daughter and their family of outcasts. Secretly, Chaos yearns to escape the confines of society and do what she does best. Killing Sprees… Virtually, of course.

     When her nemesis comes to Paris and threatens the life she’s built, the Maker offers her revenge and a twist she never saw coming. Chaos will follow the Maker’s orders no matter who tries to stop her. Even if that means losing her new partner when he sees her true form...

Beta Read starts September 15th!

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Illustrations from the author:

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