The Bane of the Creative Person: Part 3

Published on 29 March 2023 at 08:30


     To another Wednesday Business Blog. Where the business is all about creativity with tips, tricks, rants, and hopefully, helpful topics surrounding the creation of art and books. This is, as the title suggests, part 3, so if you’ve not read part 1: Imposter Syndrome or part 2: Social Media, I’d recommend it. Today we’re going to talk about something that I’m still working on and haven’t really found the balance for: Life and Guilt. That is the balance of life and creating and the guilt that comes when you haven’t done enough of one or the other.

Let me explain...

     For the creative person, there is constant drive to create (whether that’s writing, drawing, composing, crafting, etc.), doing the essential life tasks (like eating, cooking, running errands, sleeping, & cleaning) and spending time with the people who matter to you (friends, family, & online besties). The problem arises when either life gets in the way of creating, or when creating becomes all consuming and we feel guilty for not spending more time with people who matter to us, or doing the other things we like to do, getting chores done and errands run, etc.

That's when guilt steps in...

     Guilt says, “You’ve been doing (XYZ) all day and you should have been doing (XYZ).” The first XYZ could be creating or life and the second one is the other. If I’ve been doing life things all day, I feel guilty for not editing, making art for the books, or finishing commissions. If I’ve been pouring myself into writing, art, or other book related tasks, I feel guilty for not doing the dishes or visiting with people who matter to me. Somewhere in all that convoluted mess, there is balance, but it comes as a result of something else that I have issues with… Time Management, but we’ll talk about that next week.

What can I do about the guilt?

     Well, you can silence it by scheduling your days better, or like me, having a schedule at all, that usually helps to silence mine. I remind myself that I have a family get together in two weeks, and I need to get XYZ done before then, or that grocery shopping is on Friday or Saturday, and I can get chores done on Saturday. It’s called time management for a reason, and I have serious problems with it and my anxiety.

~ Thanks for reading! ~

I hope it was insightful, though this was probably more like a rant. Remember to come back next week for Bane of the Creative Person, Part 4: Time ManagementUntil then, stay safe, drink your water, get something to eat, and take your meds if you need them.
~ Jenn

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