The Bane of the Creative Person: Part 4

Published on 5 April 2023 at 08:30


     To another Wednesday Business Blog. Where the business is all about creativity with tips, tricks, rants, and hopefully, helpful topics surrounding the creation of art and books. Today, I’m gonna jump right in and clarify a few things. Yes, people are the bane of the creative person, but they are also a boon. There are so many things that go into this, and if you’re a creative, you probably know what I mean, but let me explain it as if you weren’t, and you can send this to the people this makes you think of or other creatives that will get this…

What makes someone a bane or a boon?

     That’s up to the creative, but here’s a few things that you, as a non-creative, or a “too busy to be creative” person can do or stop doing that will make you a boon not a bane to the process/us:


     Don’t ever say that phrase. Saying you’re “too busy to be creative” fills us with shame that we’re not busy with what you obviously think is more important than giving our creativity an outlet, no matter how much time it takes to make our vision a reality. We prioritize creativity, whether that be writing, drawing, making art, music, etc. This does not mean that we have “nothing better to do.” It simply means we choose to let our inner child explore and thrive rather than drowning it in to-do lists, and yes, some of us even make a career out of our creativity. So, don’t squash it!

Bonus: more things not to say... 

  1.  “I could do that/better, if I had the time.” This is the same shaming tactic as above.
  2. “It took you HOW LONG?! I could do it in half the time.” Again, shaming, and making us feel worthless, stop that!
  3. “How’s the (such and such) coming?” If we’re working on something and happy with how it’s coming, we WILL gush about it if we feel comfortable with you and know that you will understand and hype us up. Unless we have asked you to hound us/ask about it periodically, please don’t ask.
  4.  “How many (insert thing here) have you sold now?” repeat after me: Sales do NOT dictate how successful someone, or something is. So, stop asking! If we’re not shouting it from the rooftops, then it’s depressing us, so pick a different topic. Thank you!


    If you see a creative person working their craft, don’t interrupt. They could be counting stitches, writing witty dialogue, finishing that big fight scene, working the complex notes and theories of music, or they may be mixing a concoction for resin molds and getting it wrong could destroy what they’ve been working on, so please DON’T INTERRUPT! Unless it’s life or death or super important. Please, wait until they are done and if you have a hard time remembering, write the thought/question down. Because if you ask something asinine like “Are you busy?”, when you can clearly see that we are, some will tell you No and allow you to disrupt them because they value you as a person and don’t want to disappoint you or make you feel insignificant by saying yes.


     When one of your creative friends tells you about what they are doing, where there thing is up for sale write it down, or pull out your phone and visit their website/shop, read it, scroll it, possibly buy something. If they post about it on social media, BOOST IT by commenting, liking, sharing, visit the link, scroll their page, read it, perhaps buy something. Even if you don’t buy something, the traffic to their page and your interaction will tell the algorithms (the thing we all moan and groan about not working cause people just don’t interact even if they watch it completely) that people like it and should see it!


     If your creative person is not talking about their project, they are either not excited about it, depressed, stuck on some point, step, or problem, or they don’t trust you, feel they’re bothering you with it, and/or know you don’t really care about what they are doing or them. If that last one makes you say “but why would they think that about me?” Evaluate what you have done and how you’ve reacted to them talking about other projects in the past… Or even when they’ve come to you with personal matters/problems/issues.

     Ask yourself these questions

  • Did I judge them?
  • Did I say any of the things listed under the first point?
  • Did I brush them off?
  • Did I Say I was too busy or something like that?

     If you answered Yes to any of those, that would be why. We remember and act accordingly.

    If all else fails...

     ASK! Ask your creative person how you can better assist them, and if they trust, value, and want/need your opinion, they will tell you or at least say “let me think about that,” because they don’t want to phrase it in a hurtful manner or you may have floored them so much that their mind blanked completely. Be aware that their needs may change depending on the project they are working on. Some may need more input, some less, and some they may just need to be left alone and periodically brought food and their favorite drink… Yes, some projects are like that.

Final note:

      Creating can be very lonely work, so when the creative person wants contact or to go out and do something, please humor them, it probably won’t happen often… Unless they are stuck or avoiding something then it may happen to often and should be discouraged. Yes, having a relationship of any kind with a creative person takes work and a lot of patience, as with ANY relationship, you have to put in the time to learn them.

That's all folks!

Now go, share this with your friends & family on social media, and have a good rest of your week!

~ Jenn, aka Born Angel Author 

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