The Bane of the Creative Person: Part 5

Published on 12 April 2023 at 08:30


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    I wanna talk about something that absolutely frustrates the hell out of me: Algorithms. Yes, I know I hit on it during the Social Media blog a couple weeks ago, but it's getting to me again. This isn’t going to be tips or tricks or anything because I’m still figuring it out, but I wanted whoever reads this to know that you’re not alone.

Soul sucking...

    I know the frustration of spending hours/years on a project and you want to tell the world, but the algorithm just not putting it out. Even though I've used a popular format, sound, hashtags, the whole shebang, the post just falls flat and still not be seen by many and interacted with even less than usual.

Algorithms suck the life and soul out of creative people by holding back what they post or not showing it to the right people first, which means they don’t interact, making the algorithm think it’s not worth showing others… I’m not exaggerating, that is exactly how the algorithm works. If the people who see your posts first don’t interact, then it won’t show it to others.

With that in mind...

    Turn the tables. Are you liking and interacting with those you watch/follow? Are you liking the posts you see, or are you just reading/watching/viewing and not interacting? This can hurt those you follow in ways that you don’t even realize. If you don’t like what someone is posting, why are you following them? If you only like part of their content, you need to interact with everything that it shows you so you will see more of their content, because the algorithm will stop showing you ALL of their content if you stop interacting with them.

That being said,

    Follow those you watch EVERYWHERE and not just on that one platform, because odds are, they are posting that content or something like it everywhere else and if you miss it on one platform, you may see it on another.

That took a turn I wasn’t expecting...

    but that’s the truth of algorithms. The more you interact, the more you’ll see. The less people interact with your content, the less they see from you. The quality of your work doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. If no one is interacting with your content, then you’re not going to be seen, even by those who follow you. It sucks, you can’t really fix it unless you spend the time to figure out each algorithm, see the trends, jump on them in time, use a hook, and/or just provide the same consistent content for people to interact with.  

That was a downer,

    but that’s how I’m feeling today after releasing a new book to little to no reaction, cause algorithms suck the soul out of me and besides having a concussion has hampered my creativity quite a bit. But that’s my issue…

    I hope that was at least somewhat informative for you and I apologize if that depressed you or got you down. Just know that you’re not alone and sometimes we can do everything right but the world, algorithms, and people just won’t see it. Keep your head up, and keep on going, your content, even if only one person sees, likes, reads, and shares it is impacting the world. It’ll all work out eventually.

That's all I've got

Be kind, spread light, and remember that every day is a new chance to be discovered.

~Jenn @ BornAngelAuthor.

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