Weekly Writer Update #27: Feb 12-18

Published on 18 February 2023 at 08:30

Author Happenings:

This week has been relatively quiet. The piercing is healing up nicely, Thank God, and I’ve been hard at work on art commissions for a project I’m saving money for to say “thank you” to the friend who taught me how to use the 3d modeling program Daz Studio. His computer is ten years old and the graphics card is very old which means he is having a hard time using Daz Studio now.  

The Current WIP:

I’m currently editing Cry Havoc during the day when I’m not doing art, socials, and such and reading Discord’s Nightmare aloud to my Manager at night. I’m on chapter 9 of Havoc and was on chapter 58 for Discord. The latter would have been done tonight (17/2/2023), but I was given a suggestion and now have to rewrite a bit more. After that rewrite, I’ll be sending it to my Editor and Alpha reader. I’m excited to see what they think of this Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance that brings all the adult content.

In Publishing News:

13 Betas finished Haunted Angel and I’ve ordered a new proof copy of both Paperback and Hardcover. They’ll be here before the month is out!

Art Feature:

This weeks art feature is a new picture that I made last weekend. This comes from chapter seven of The Haunted Angel. In it Forseti is sitting at his dining room table, watching something on his computer while he drinks tea and another computer sits to his right (our left). And Yes, if you have looked at the “Illustrations” this was added to The Haunted Angels slideshow yesterday.  

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

Countdown to Haunted Angel Preorder:

20 days!

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