Weekly Writer Update 36: April 16-22

Published on 22 April 2023 at 08:30

This Week...

I'm starting off with a long story time, because my week was eventful and not in a good way.

What happened?

    I was a klutz... again. Having a concussion makes my spatial orientation non-existent, which lead me to find out something I really didn't want to hear.


   Our dog Bella likes to get into everything, so we’ve blocked off the kitchen with a wooden baby gate, so she doesn’t get into the garbage or anything. This means, if I go into the kitchen I either move the gate or go over it. Usually, going over wouldn’t be an issue. I’m 6 ft (184 cm) tall, this is no big deal… until my bad knee decides to act up. I must not have lifted my foot up high enough because it caught on the gate.

    I nearly broke the gate, and tweaked my knee, but stayed on my feet, so I didn’t think anything of it. That was nearly two weeks ago. Since then, I have been trying to exercise more since it’s been getting nice, then the cold snap hit us, and my knee seized up. I thought it was just the cold and my arthritis having forgotten about the ate all together.

     Fast forward to Tuesday. It was cold and wet and snowy. I drove to get my husband from the mechanic, and I drove back too. I shouldn’t have driven back. My knee seized up and it was near agonizing. By the time we got home, I couldn’t bend it, could barely walk on it, and tried heat and vibrations. This would have worked if it was just arthritis. It didn’t. so I switched to ice and took ibuprofen for the first time since my gallbladder surgery last year.

    I pulled a long night of writing the Wednesday blog (if you haven’t read it, please go do so, I spent near 6 hours writing and formatting it on here). I barely made it up the stairs to bed at 6 am Wednesday morning. Then Bella got me up at 10:30. My knee was still in agony. So, I talked to my mom and called the Orthopedic. They miraculously had an opening Thursday at 11:30 so I took it and mom drove me.

    Come to find out, I have Chondromalacia patella, which basically means that my kneecap is degenerating. This isn’t normal for someone my age, at least at this rate. I kid you not, the doctor cringed when he felt how the kneecap was moving when I bent my knee. Then we talked about options as this is something that’s not going to get better and I had seen him before in 5 years ago for the same issue. That time they injected it with Cortisone, which we did again this time, and it has helped a bit. I can bend it, but I still feel that tightness, like my knee is a rubber band about to snap.

    Anyhow, he said to call the office if it doesn’t get significantly better before weeks end and we’ll get an MRI scheduled. So, I will be calling tomorrow as it’s been better but I’m still limping and it’s hard to bend, besides that rubber band feeling… After the MRI, we’ll have an appointment to inject some sort of Gel into it and talk about other options. The first is an orthoscopic cleanup which will help the joint slide smoother, but it would have to be done again later down the road. The second option is replacing the kneecap with a poly something or other, which is a relatively new procedure but has seen great success and I may be a good candidate for it. So I may be having surgery this summer. Again.

Despite this, I did get things done.

    I edited a good chunk of A Broken Redeemer (the Halloween Release) the Beta’s have the second chunk, and Dad finished his edits, so I added them to Discord’s Nightmare. I also worked on some NSFW art… Yes, sometimes I do make lewd art, and I have a site where I post it, but I’ll not go into that here.

This week in publishing...

    Nothing's changed. The Betas have Discord's Nightmare, and Haunted Angel is out in the world, but not selling well... Ugh. Someone remind me NOT to look at sales... ever.

On a positive note: Art

    Today, I’m giving you another picture of Discord, to hype up her books (If anyone even reads this). Here we see Discord astride her favorite mode of transportation, a custom red and black Kawazaki Ninja with her helmet that looks like a Clone Troper from Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars exists in the BAU.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

~ Coming soon ~

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