Weekly Writer Update 50: July 16-22

Published on 22 July 2023 at 08:30


Or at least, I think it’s done. I still have to let my Manager read it or finish reading it to him to see if anything jars, but I’m pretty sure it’s done!

Author's Life:

      This week, besides writing, I’ve been cleaning and that’s it. I haven’t gone anywhere, except to run errands yesterday. It’s been a quiet week… The quiet before the storm, as it were, since we have family from out of state in town so the next week will be extra busy until Thursday, so it’s good that I got it done.

writing & Editing:

       This is the exciting bit! This week, I’ve wrote another 11k words in the Christmas book, which brought it to a close at 117,655 words! I also started a new book on Tuesday. I wrote 2k words before making myself stop and finish the Christmas book. I totaled it up and with the words I removed I wrote 81,839 words in that book in the last 51 days! That’s another whole book for some! I’m excited for this new book, but I am also going to be reading My Manager and Support Australian the Broken Redeemer and getting it ready for Beta readers in 3.5 weeks. 


      Discord is now out in the world! The Kickstarter has ended and I’m just waiting on for the company to finish processing the payment so I can order the books, the prints, and the shipping boxes! Also, if you still want a signed book, tumbler, keychain, and book sleeve bundle I still have 8 left! Message me on social media or email me at jenn@thebornangeluniverse.com

Art Feature:

      Here is a teaser or “preview” for the art that comes in the Discord’s Nightmare book box. I know I hadn’t gotten around to posting all the pictures before, life was a bit hectic between the Kickstarter promoting, and the deleting and rewriting of thousands of words.  

click to enlarge

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

 REMINDER: the Cover Reveal for Kalista Chronicles: A Broken Redeemer hits social media on August 17th, so follow me everywhere and you’re bound to see it at least once!

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