Weekly Writer Update 53: August 6-12

Published on 12 August 2023 at 08:30

Not much has changed from last week, except that I am drained again. You’ll have to read the blog to find out exactly why… or if you follow me on social media, you probably know by now. If not, the algorithm is to blame.

Author's Life:

      This week was absolutely brutal. The routines in my household were completely disrupted as my husband was away for work for 4 of 5 word days. It was the first time we’d spent so long away from each other since I went on vacation in 2016. I wish I could say that it’ll never happen again, but this was the first of a few weeks like this. I’m not happy about it, but I am happy that after that job is done, I will be taking a five day vacation. I wish my hubby could come with me then, but he wouldn’t be able to get the time off, and we’d have to find accommodations for the dog. It’s just not worth the hassle.

Writing and Editing:

       I’ve been writing the new book (title redacted) this week. It’s been slower as I have been distracted with taking care of the dog while my hubby is away. I haven’t gotten my normal 9:20-2 (or 4) “Alone time” since Monday night, which means I didn’t get a lot of words written. I went from 38k to 46k, which is only a total of 8k for the week, where I can get at least 10 and under the ideal circumstances 15-20 if I’m hyper focused.


I’m still waiting for some things from the kickstarter, so here’s a breakdown of that again:
~ books will arrive on Monday August 14.
~ Art should arrives the 16th
~ Boxes ship out on the 17th (I will not be using this company again).

What I have right now:
~ the paper to wrap the books.
~ the stickers
~ the magnets
~ the notecards
~ & the want to get this done so I can get things started on A Broken Redeemer.

Reminder! The cover reveal is THURSDAY! (8/17) If you happen to see it on social media, please comment or repost it as that will help a good deal in moving it along.

The Art:

     In preparation for the cover reveal, I've been adding some more characters to The Cast page. Here are three of them, since I haven't done any other non-spoiler art this week. 

     I do love these very much and I hope you go check out the bio for each of them! These are Kalista’s three sisters, those you’ve met so far in the series at least. From oldest to youngest, and in alphabetical order I may add, is Allistasia Tragedy, daughter of Anna and Justin, and the twins, Merida and Tatiana, daughters of Lilith and Lucifer. You get to see more of them in A Broken Redeemer, and the Christmas Special which I will announce the name and do a cover reveal for on November second.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

the Cover Reveal for Kalista Chronicles: A Broken Redeemer hits social media on August 17th,

so follow me everywhere and you’re bound to see it at least once!

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