Weekly Writer Update 59: September 17-22

Published on 23 September 2023 at 02:06

The first week home after vacation is always the most difficult, to be sure. I really don’t know where this week has gone. I feel like I say it a lot, but I’ve been editing up a storm and not doing a lot of writing or art… at least not renders…

Author's Life

       “Home is where the wi-fi connects automatically...” but it’s also where all the work is. I’ve been doing some cleaning and taking the dog for daily walks in between editing, drawing, and having a bit of gastritis on Wednesday.

One of the Bunny anime girls that I drew on Wednesday during the gastric episode. She looks like I felt. 

         I believe I found the cause of it, but we shall see if avoiding copious amounts of caffeine helps. (^_^;) though, this means that my focus is a lacking and the brain is taking a bit longer to do tasks. But if it means I’m not in pain or running to the bathroom every ten minutes, I’ll take it. Because I have work to do!

Writing & Editing:

       I have now edited Twenty-One of Fifty-Six chapters of the Christmas Book. I’ve done a little editing/writing in a book I started a couple years ago because the muse has switched focuses, but I will get back to Lilith’s book before November and NaNoWriMo –I’ll talk more about this in Wednesday’s Blog—. I’ve also edited a few more chapters of Cry Havoc (April’s release) too! I’m up to chapter Thirty-Three, which is over halfway!


       The Preorder of A Broken Redeemer launched Friday (September 15th)! This preorder will not only include the book, but some extra Halloween goodies and a new Limited Edition Hoodie! You can find all of the info on the shop page:

 All but three of the Beta Readers have finished the book too! Here’s one quotes from each of them:

  • “I really want to hit Vretil (BBEG) with a small meteor, or use him as trebuchet ammo... Undecided as to which option.” ~ Kuri
  • “Because Stella is a F*#@ing moron DUH!” ~ Matt, in response to a question from Kalista in Chapter 38. (^_^)
  • “…I honestly re-read that (chapter 46-48) portion a few different times even after I finished the chunk (chapters 41-50).” ~ Alex
  • “Loved it so much!” ~ Aza (upon finishing)
  • “…It’s always bitter sweet getting to the last chunk of any of Jenn’s books, the upside to it is that there will be more…” ~ Lilah
  • “The corruption spreading is really fascinating, and terrifying…” ~ Slade
  • “Oh, holy shit... Chapter 23! Oh, holy shit… (0.0)” ~ Tawsha

Art Feature:

     This week is a sneak peek from the Broken Redeemer Chapter Nineteen. Kalista’s first time Realm Walking to the past to visit Beryx. This scene is just heart melting and I love it so, so much.

      A special thank you to Matt, my “Manager”, editor, and alpha reader for suggesting this scene, because I had nothing planned for this week. I’ve been drawing chibi art more than I have been working on the book art, cause that doesn’t take as long or require me to sit in my office chair which hurts my back, knees, and hip. (-_-)

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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