Weekly Newsletter 74: Dec 31-Jan 6

Published on 6 January 2024 at 00:32

       Happy New Year! Five days in and the years looking… Well, it’s still full of ups and downs. I won’t go into too many details about it all here, but I’m back to writing, and the betas have the first chunk of CRY HAVOC, which comes out in April. Read more below!

Author's Life:

       On the 31st, my laptop got dropped from a counter (where it was sitting while I took the dog outside). I thought it was alright, because there was no external damage. Come to find out the keyboard was no longer working. I was able to get it fixed due to the insurance I bought, and it’ll be back on Monday! YAY! Since then I went to the Neurologist, who I see for my headaches and don’t have to see them for another year! Then I found out that my Migraine medication is going to cost me $199.18 for 9 packets, which only treats 9 migraines. >_< That sucks, but it’s better than the $666.44 it was going to be had I gone through my insurance. Anyway, on to better things! But, before I left to get my annual thyroid bloodwork done, one of my very friendly neighbors who I see and talk to around town brought me flowers. <3 <3 <3 Aren't they pretty?

Writing & Editing:

     I’ve been writing again! It’s not An Angel Ensnared (the October book), but it’s still a Born Angel Novel… though it does cross the Created Angel Chronicles as well, since the Love Interest is a Created Angel. Anyway, I wrote about 2.5k words the last two days. Plus, I’ve added a few edits to Cry Havoc from betas, and Chaos Theory (2025) just cause I wanted to read it.


To those WHO PREORDERED An Angel's Advent:

      I’m still waiting for the bookmarks and artwork. The Artwork should be here by Wednesday, as it was sent out today, I don't have any sort of timeframe for the bookmarks. If they don’t come by Friday, I’ll have to send them separately, because I don’t want to make you all wait any longer.

Cry Havoc:

     Chunk one of five went off to the 33 Beta Readers yesterday (20 via Email and 13 via Discord). As of my writing this (Friday night),  3 of them have finished already, and 1 has backed out. I’m hoping that at least half of the Beta's will finish the book, but we’ll see as the next 5 weeks progress.

Art Feature:

       This week’s art feature is one that I’ve had sitting around for quite some time… Since I first wrote Cry Havoc back in spring of 2021. I did post it to Twitter in June of that Year, but since I’ve been working on art for my Subscribestar, I don’t have a brand new one for the blog. Oops.

       This picture comes from Chapter 38 of the book where she does something out of her comfort zone and so far from normal for her that it’s quite startling for her, but the Maker works in mysterious ways.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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November 5th - Book Box Madness/Pre-order begins! December 17th - Birthday book day!!!!

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