Weekly Newsletter 78: Jan 28-Feb 3

Published on 3 February 2024 at 00:43

Welcome to February!!

      Things are beginning to look up, both in the weather and in my work. I’ve done a lot of work in editing, getting merch together for Cry Havoc’s Presale, which starts next week, and added the final touches to An Angel Ensnared! Keep reading for more!

Author's Life:

       Life has been... quiet. Which means my brain has been overthinking and wondering what I’m forgetting. It happens to me a lot, but I’m getting better at ignoring it and continuing what I’m doing… Until I try to go to bed, then my mind just runs like crazy trying to find what I’ve missed, which is one reason I don’t go to bed until I’m nearly asleep already, usually between 3-6 am, sometimes later. Anyway, nothing big happened this week, except that I popped my knee on Sunday, and it’s been an absolute brat since. I treat it with ice, my brace, and being more conscience of how it feels when I’m walking around.

     I'm also currently listening to the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher while I work on art, chores, and the merch. I'm currently up to book 10 (of 17) "Small Favor". I only restarted the series back in December. 😅 This is my 3rd listen/read through. I want to get them on Kindle and Print too... They're on my wish list. 

Writing & Editing:

Coming Halloween 2024

April 2025

      Kalista Chronicles, Book 5: An Angel Ensnared has now been edited by 2 of 4 editors! Both absolutely loved this book and I’m so excited to see what the other two think. While they had the book, I added the Cast of Characters, Demoki Dictionary, Places and things of note, and the end credits, which brought the book up to 124,572 words, which is 499 pages in the Paperback copy. When the 2nd Editor finished, I then ordered a proof copy so that I can read over it and see how it looks in book.

      I’ve been rewriting the Created Angel Chronicles, book 5: Chaos Theory too! I am 1/2 way through the book, and have added another 10,225 words to the document, which includes more adult relations and more sass. Two of my favorite things.


Cry HavocUpdate! 

Out of 19 Beta Readers that were still reading last week:
       4 more have finished the book!
       5 are working on chunk 5
       3 are working on chunk 3 or 4.
       4 have quit as they weren’t going to finish on time. 🥺

      So, the beta count is now only 15 of the original 34, which is nearly half, and 5 have already completed it so far. 

    I’ve also got the bookmarks and the stickers (pictured to the right {desktop} or below{mobile}) in for the Preorder box! I’m also talking with Max about other things for the box too, and working on the add-on T-shirt too.

Presale Begins February 14th!

     Yes, I know that’s Valentine’s Day, but it’s also 1.5 months from Release Day, and I’m closing presale on March 9th, or at least closing it for “delivery on/before release day.” I’m still working on timing for that too as it's a new feature for me. Last time I ordered the hardcovers well before release date, but they did not arrive until after. I blame the holidays though. Right now, hardcovers are taking 5-7 weeks to print/ship, so if you want a hard cover on time, please order asap, that way I can put the order in by March 1st. 

Art Feature:

       This week’s art feature is Kandis Kandy, the alternate identity of Kotys Bendis from last weeks art. Kotys/Kandis is a Side Character in both CRY HAVOC and CHAOS THEORY. Kandis is the owner of the Gentlemen’s Club called “The Kandy Shop” which is fully staffed by Preternaturals. Kandis is eccentric and has a “cotton candy” aesthetic, and Each of the Kandy girls have a different candy, or sweets, aesthetic to separate them from their day-to-day aesthetic.

(Click to see the full image)

Advanced Reader Copies

     If you’d like to ARC read (and review) Cry Havoc, Sign-ups are open until the 14th of February and the ARC copies go out March 9th. You NEED to have read the Created Angel Chronicles books 1-3 to ARC read this one, or at least book 3: Discord's Nightmare, so says my Manager and a couple other Beta readers. If you have not read them/Discord's Nightmare, and would like to, I am willing to give out eBook copies if you will read AND REVIEW them before March 9th! 

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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November 5th - Book Box Madness/Pre-order begins! December 17th - Birthday book day!!!!

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