Weekly Newsletter 80: Feb 11-17

Published on 17 February 2024 at 00:55

CRY HAVOC is now available for preorder! I’ve done so much promoting, talking to ARC readers, and trying to manage the pain that I’m exhausted, but gotta keep going. Today, I have a family event, and I’m hoping to get back to the 2nd Rewrite of Chaos Theory… I got distracted 😅

Author's Life:

      I’ve slept 7 hours almost every night. 0.o and It feels so strange. After barely getting 5 hours of sleep for the entire year, getting 7 hours for five days in a row has been both good and bad. Bad in that I have too much energy and not  enough focus due to pain. Bad because I also want to use my energy for activities that I can’t do thanks to the knee pain. Good because sleeping more helps the body… but yeah.

       I also caved and called the Orthopedic on Thursday because the pain was so bad that I could barely walk from the moment I woke up. I have an appointment Monday, February 19 to get another Hyaluronic Acid injection (basically WD40 for the joints), and possibly talk about going ahead with the surgery to replace my kneecap because my Chondromalacia Patella has become so bad. -_- This is very hard for me mentally, and right now, I’d rather not do surgery at all, but I’ve put it off long enough, and I just have to pull up my “Adult britches” and do it. 

Writing & Editing:

      Writing Draft 3 of Chaos Theory halted after I got halfway done… Why? Because I had a thought, and voiced it to my Manager. He then asked me a question, and it has now become another book in the Created Angel Chronicles. Don’t worry. It’s after “The Fated Mates” (coming 2027), so it won’t affect the current release schedule. 

      Now, I’m working on the new book (yet-to-be-titled) and it’s helping me deal with the new stress that my knee has created.  


   Cry Havoc Is now available for preorder! The hardcover and paperback preorders come with 4 art prints, 1 metal print, a sticker, and a bookmark. There is also a T-shirt add-on ($42). The eBook preorder will also have the 4 pieces of art, but as digital downloads. You can also get the t-shirt add-on for the same ($42). If you want the book by release day, you need to order Hardcovers by MARCH 1st. why? Because there is currently a 5 week estimated delivery on hardcovers. For Paperbacks, it’s only 3 weeks, so you have to order by MARCH 15th to get the book by April 9th.

     I have already ordered some T-shirts, the art prints, and the bookmarks so that I don’t have that kerfuffle to deal with this time around.

Art Feature:

     This week’s art feature is another from Cry Havoc. This is a huge moment in the book and I decided to share it as a little teaser/comic for you all to enjoy, as we count down the weeks to the book. Only 7.5 weeks (51 days) until Release day! 😱

    For those who haven't read Discord's Nightmare, or seen the other pictures I've been posting, this is all 3 of the Triumvirate of Deadly Sirens in one room. Less than ten feet from each other too! This has NOT happened in many thousands of years. 

from L to R, out of focus on the far left with her back to the camera is Havoc, the main character of Cry Havoc, in the middle is Discord (main character of Discord's Nightmare), and to the far right wringing her hands is Chaos (Main character of the next book: Chaos Theory, coming April 2025).

Note: Havoc and Chaos are dressed in "clubbing" attire as they've just returned from a weekend out, and Discord is just in her normal outfit, plus gloves as she was riding her bike. (she did also have a jacket, but Chaos, like a good host, already took that)

Preorder CRY HAVOC today to guarantee Release Day delivery!

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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