Weekly Newsletter 85: March 17-23

Published on 23 March 2024 at 01:05

This week was painful. Sometime during the day Monday I pulled a muscle in my upper back lifting the tote bag of preorders (>_<) BUT I also got in the 2nd editions of THE STAINED ANGEL, I finished a few projects in writing/editing, and started a couple more…
It’s such a never ending cycle, but I LOVE IT!
And I'm potentially running a giveaway... Read on for more info!

Author's Life:

     Pulling a muscle in your back is never easy to deal with, and that tote bag of packaged preorders is heavy. >_< I did not get them sent out yet, I didn’t leave the house until Thursday, and that was only to pick up my Viking (Hubby) from work. I’m still in pain, but nowhere near as bad, though it was horrid yesterday after running errands which required lifting groceries out of the car and trash bags too... oy vey. BUT Monday, I was going to make dinner, then I bent over to grab something I dropped and nearly passed out from the pain. I then decided to try and pop my back by laying on a hard surface i.e. the floor. That didn't work. I ended up laying on the floor and crying for a few minutes (because of pain, which I NEVER do), then I called my Viking, unsure what to do. He recommended sitting in the recliner with heat on my back, which has helped immensely the last few days. The pain is much less now, expect when I got to bend over to grab something off the floor, then it flairs again. 😔Oh, and my tooth hurts again... gotta get that looked at after the car gets worked on... and after my mini vacation in a couple weeks. Can anyone say ROAD TRIP?!

Writing & Editing:

    Well, this week, I was a fluttering butterfly with books this week. It’s what happens when I finish a book. I flit from project to project until I prioritize and remember which one NEEDS to be done next.

     1) I wrote no words in the Stolen Soulmate.

     2) I’ve been working on Chaos Theory:
        which debuts  April 9th 2025 (If you're a beta, I'm looking to get this one read in October/November), and An Angel Ensnared. Chaos Theory is now finished with Draft 3, which is right before hard copy edits.

     3) An Angel Ensnared has now finished with red pen/hard copy edits,and now I just have to add them all in before I send it over to my Editor, Maxine.

    4) I have also started The Deadly Sirens:
        This is Book 5 of the Created Angel Chronicles, which could be considered a Born Angel Novel as well, but I'll have more on that later 🤫. It is set to come out in April of 2026.

    5) I have also been thinking about the 6th instalment of the Kalista Chronicles:
        which is An Angel Falls, but I won't start that until November for National Novel Writing Month.

    6) I've also been working on/thinking about the 6th book of the Created Angel Chronicles: The Fated Angel as well, which won’t be published until April 2027.

      See what I mean? Flitting, fluttering butterfly, though I have finally settled into Deadly Sirens and now have just over 6k words, which is the Prologue, Chapter 1, and part of Chapter 2... I'll be writing for a bit longer after I post this. 


     I still have only 10 preorders of Cry Havoc and all but one is packed and ready to go out! I’m waiting on the second shipment of paperbacks, which should ship out Thursday 🤞🏻.

      There are still 16 days until Release Day! And you can still order ALL formats. I cannot Guarantee that the Hardcovers will be there by Release Day April 9th. UNLESS YOU ORDER ASAP. I have one paperback and 2 hardcover copies up for Release Day Delivery! First come, first serve!

I also have 2 paperback copies of the 2nd Edition of the Stained Angel and a Hardcover copy available too! Check them out! They look a thousand times better than the first editions!

hardcover comparison

paperback comparison

Special Announcement: Goal & Giveaway

       I realized recently that I’ve never really gotten more then 5 preorders of the eBook on Amazon, and I want to change that. If I can get twenty preorders of Cry Havoc on Amazon in the next 16 days, I will run a giveaway. One lucky person will get their choice of a signed book (with preorder goodies), OR the Cry Havoc limited edition T-Shirt. (THIS IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY)

       All you have to do is pre-order an eBook of Cry Havoc from Amazon, AND sends me a Proof of Purchase. Simply take a screenshot and send it via email (bornangelauthor@gmail.com), or social media Direct Messages (linked further down).

      Anyone that does this will be entered (if I hit my goal of 20 orders), they will also get the first TEN CHAPTERS (via pdf format), and a Free Short Story called “The Judge Over the Angels,” Featuring Havoc and her hounds, before they were cursed! This short story was something I decided to write for fun one day, and because I needed that bit of backstory for reference. So, if you like snippets, Short Stories, and other such things, go preorder the eBook of Cry Havoc!

Art Feature:

      This picture is called “Spider Monkey” and is from Cry Havoc chapter 25. It’s an adorable scene where Astrid is trying to stop Max from destroying evidence by hanging from his arm, “Like a Spider Monkey” or so Havoc comments. 😉

    Featuring a shirtless Max Áiféiseach, and his “Shadow” Astrid Drascul. Also seen to the far left is a pair of crutches. Not pictured, as she’s far too short, is Havoc/Saga who is on the floor beside said crutches.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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My Current Reads:

Right now I'm reading A Kingdom of Dreams (Viking Bloodlines Saga, Book 1) by Sam Northman, who I am Actually ARC reviewing for. It's now out and I'm working on reading it. Just a bit busy with other things, But I'm loving it so far!

I'm also listening my way back through the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher read by James Marsters. I am currently on book 12: Changes. I am halfway through it and I forgot how intense it was. I had a hard time stopping to write yesterday! 

November 5th - Book Box Madness/Pre-order begins! December 17th - Birthday book day!!!!

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