Weekly Newsletter 97: June 9-15

Published on 15 June 2024 at 13:04

     We’re gearing up to start beta reading Friday! This means I’m checking to make sure the chunks of chapters are all updated, bugging my editor to see how close she is to finishing chunk two, and the email is ready to go out. All the betas are excited and ready to read, which would’ve made me even more excited, except life happened this week…

Author's Life:

      Life got… interesting. I’ve been dealing with some stress around the house. I won’t go into it here, but it led to me deep cleaning our apartment, even though I’m still recovering from the injection and having issues with my knee. 😣 Needless to say, I did not get a lot of anything done writing this week, because when I wasn’t cleaning, I was stressing about something going on today— Probably as you’re reading this… Moving on!

Writing & Editing:


     I did get the 10 chapters of edits Input into Chaos Theory, the Cover is done, and the blurb is also rewritten! I also sent it off to Editor Number One, Matt. He’s already gotten through a few chapters too!


      In between cleaning, stressing, reworking ALL the book covers to be more “to genre”, and trying not to have a mental breakdown, I didn’t manage to do much writing. 😓 An Angel Falls (Kalista Chronicles book 6) went from 19,511 to 19,842. I feel disappointed that I didn’t get more done, but I’ve been having issues with stress and doubt. Yes, I’m at the point in the book where I wonder if I started in the right place. I am hoping to get beyond my doubts and write more this week.

With the editors:

      Maxine still has chunk 2 of An Angel Ensnared. 😅 She’s very close to done with it, and she’ll be halfway there. Matt now has Chaos Theory too!


     Beta start reading An Angel Ensnared On Friday!!!! I have 11 betas total, and they’re almost as excited as I am to start! If you’d like to read the book before it releases and leave a review when it does, you can sign up for an, ARC review copy signups are open for this book. There is the choice of paperback, ebook, or pdf format. I only have 4 paperbacks available so, sign up today!


Thank you for reading this far, here’s another Angel Ensnared tidbit: from Chapter Twenty-Seven (that’ll be chunk 3 for you betas 😉):

      “I specifically told you not to encourage her.”

     Forseti smiled smugly down at him, and Packana pulled back his fist to punch the taller Angel.

    “Tenfold!” I shouted, and Packana stopped an inch before he would have made contact with Forseti’s jaw. They turned to me with deflated expressions. Forseti because Packana hadn’t hit him, and Packana because he let his anger get the best of him. I rolled my shoulders and looked between them. “What happened between you two that you’re always at each other like this?”

    “The Fall,” they said in unison, and I threw my hands up.

    “That was how many thousands of years ago?! Get over it...”

Next for beta Reading!

     If you have read up to Cry Havoc in the Created Angel Chronicles, Beta Reading Signups for Book 5: Chaos Theory Open on Wednesday, July 17th! Why so early? Because I want to get the beta reading done BEFORE the Winter holidays. Beta Reading will start September 20, and end on October 18th.

      I know this is 2 weeks before An Angel Ensnared releases, but again, I want this DONE before the holidays! I need time to relax and write in November for National Novel Writing Month without that distraction. PLUS, Chaos deserves all the attention, love, and just... She's my favourite Created Angel Character... to date. So, please, SIGN UP! It's gonna be Steamy, Gory, and a wee bit cheesy!


~ You've made it to another teaser, this time from Chaos Theory, Chapter Twenty-Seven:

      “I need backup,” I said. Short. Simple. To the point.

     “Where, when, and how many?” she asked in the same curt manner.

      “The catacombs beneath the dorm, asap, and just you,” I answered in the order asked.

      “What about Discord? She told us to send word if you called for back up..."

Art Feature:

      Alright, this week I’m giving you all a “sneak peak” of the New Angel Ensnared cover!! I’ve decided to revamp all my covers in this new “style” that matches the style of covers currently on the market for Urban Fantasy. The hope is that the new covers will bring in more

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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Mark Your Calendars:

Kalista Chronicles: An Angel Ensnared, book 5

~ Beta Reading: June 21-July26
~ ARC sign-ups: closes September 1st.
~ ARC Reading: starts September 15th
~ Release Day: Thursday, October 31st

Created Angel Chronicles: Chaos Theory, book 5
~ Cover Reveal: Wednesday, July 10th 5pm EDT.
~ Beta Reader Sign-ups: Wednesday, July 17th - Sunday, September 1st.
~ Beta Reading begins: Friday, September 20th - Friday, October 25th. 
~ ARC sign-ups begin: October 1st.
~ ARC Reading: March 1st. 
~ Release Day: April 9th, 2025

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