Weekly Newsletter: 100 June 30-July 6

Published on 6 July 2024 at 01:54

     Beta reading of An Angel Ensnared is now in week 3 and we’re making good progress! This week the Beta Readers want Waffles🧇 The New Covers of all the books drop on the 24th, and giveaway news! Read about it all below!

Author's Life:

      This week has just felt so strange, stressed, and yet good all at the same time. I was able to channel the stress into editing, plus a 12.2k word short story, and then there was Independence Day here in the US right in the middle of the week, which makes the weekend feel so weird. Like, I thought Thursday was Friday. Then yesterday, I didn’t want to do anything even though it was errand day, but I found a couple very cool things while I was out, so that made it worth it, besides having food in the house. 😅

Writing & Editing:

Editing/ Revising:

     I finished A Brave Sacrifice! Now, it will just have to wait to have one of my editors look it over too. Also, Shoutout to my editors/betas that I went to with both A Born Angel and A Brave Sacrifice who have “cleared their schedules” to read them for me. 🥹 I could never thank you, or pay you, enough for this.


      I didn’t open An Angel Falls until last night. I did however write a 12.2k stand alone short story in 3 days (the middle day I wrote 10.5k words :scream:). It is tentatively called “Mutiny of a Bounty Hunter.” (more about that in the weeks to come…)

With the Editors:

      Maxine now has Chunk 4 of An Angel Ensnared!

       My Dad has finished Chaos Theory, but “had to skip a few parts” because it was a bit too spicy for him. If you know, you know. 😳 And I have added in his edits. There were only 19.

      Delilah, Matt, and Dee now have A Born Angel, looking over my revisions for corrections so we can have a better copy before the 24th!


     Beta reading An Angel Ensnared is well under way! Out of 11 betas, 3 of them have finished the third chunk, out of the other 8, 2 of them are still working on the first chunk, and 6 of them are on chunk 2.

      ARC review copy signups are open for this book as well! There is the choice of paperback, eBook, or pdf format. I only have 3 paperbacks left so, sign up today, and don’t forget to check your email and reply with your address if you chose a physical copy!

 Thank you for reading this far, here’s another Angel Ensnared tidbit: from Chapter 19 (which’ll be chunk 2 for any betas reading 😉):

      “You are going to drag your feet as long as you can, aren’t you?” he asked with a facetious smirk.

      “Damn straight. The less time I have to spend with those knuckle-dragging, crap flinging, spineless, self-righteous windbags the better,” I said thinking of the Council of Spirit members who simply did as the Ak’Chada wanted without so much as raising a finger against him. Ramah had been so tightly wound that the Ak’Chada could take him over before I freed him on Christmas Eve. That wasn’t a permanent solution, but for now that, and the necklaces, would work.

     “So, you’ll avoid your fate until it crushes you,” Forseti continued his line of reasoning, and I glared at him.

Next up for Beta Reading:

     If you have read up to Cry Havoc in the Created Angel Chronicles, Beta Reading Signups for Book 5: Chaos Theory Open on Wednesday, July 17th! Beta Reading will start September 20th, and end on October 18th.

      I know this is 2 weeks before the release of An Angel Ensnared, but again, I want this done before the holidays! WARNING: this book has MAJOR spice (aka steamy/graphic/romantic scenes between two consenting adults)! Please, sign up! It's gonna be Spicy, Gory, and a wee bit cheesy!

Thanks for getting this far! Here’s a Teaser for Chaos Theory chapter 11!

     I shuffled down the stairs in zombie mode, thinking about my dreams. My hopes of a quiet morning cup of Joe were ruined when I rounded the bottom of the stairs, and heard Zamina and Discord in the kitchen.

    “So, what brings you to Paris?” Zamina asked her, and Discord leaned against the counter, not seeing me yet.

     “I heard the Triumvirate was in town and came to protect what’s mine,” she said. She obviously hadn’t felt me, and was just as tired as I was. She liked quiet mornings too, which was why we got on so well, but Zamina was a morning person.

    “What’s yours? Wait, do you live in town, or—” Zamina’s words fell short as I stepped through the arch. “Are you and Chaos…?” her eyes went wide as she thought about how I’d reacted to her playing with my mind and that I might have told Discord.

     “A couple?” Discord asked, and Zamina swallowed. “We’re a triumvirate and yes, I have a place in town. Right now, I came to help Chaos with whatever she needs, and I won’t let those psychotic f*cks touch her.”

Art Feature:

This week, we have a request from Steph, one of my Beta readers, who wanted to see this scene from Chapter 6 of An Angel Ensnared. This was a tricky scene to render but let’s just say that those wings are doing a good job of covering a lot. 😉  


    I will be releasing all the new covers and the new versions of A Born Angel and A Brave Sacrifice on Wednesday, July 24th. FOR A LIMITED TIME, there is a special, here on my website, where you can get all 8 new covers for 25% off, and you can preorder them today! (Special ends August 18th)

     Books that are preordered (before the 24th of July) will be bought as soon as they books are finalized by Amazon. They will ship 1-3 weeks after I receive them.

     As a thank you for ordering from me, when I send over the tracking number, you’ll also get a 25% off coupon to use on any item in my shop, which means you could save it for the Angel Ensnared Preorder when it opens on September 15th😉 AND, anyone who preorders will be entered into a giveaway to win a FREE Chaos Theory T-shirt:

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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Mark Your Calendars:

Kalista Chronicles: An Angel Ensnared, book 5

✅Beta Reading: June 21-July26
~ ARC sign-ups: closes September 1st.
~ ARC Reading: starts September 15th
~ Release Day: Thursday, October 31st

Created Angel Chronicles: Chaos Theory, book 5
~ Cover Reveal: Wednesday, July 10th 5pm EDT.
~ Beta Reader Sign-ups: Wednesday, July 17th - Sunday, September 1st.
~ Beta Reading begins: Friday, September 20th - Friday, October 25th. 
~ ARC sign-ups begin: October 1st.
~ ARC Reading: March 1st. 
~ Release Day: April 9th, 2025

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