Weekly Writer Update 34: April 2-8

Published on 8 April 2023 at 08:30

What happened this week?

     Oh, the joys of being a Klutz! I have give myself yet another concussion, but I managed to get stuff done so it's not as bad as the one back in 2011, which I got while in college... This blog might be a bit all over the place and I may ramble a bit because of the concussion, so please, bear with me.

     This week started out with the worst Migraine I have EVER had that was accompanied by nausea, vertigo, and other not so lovely symptoms. Come to find that I did indeed Concuss myself the day before. How do I know? I saw my neurologist on Tuesday and she confirmed that yes, I did concuss myself and because of the severity of the migraine, she wanted more brain scans. I now have a CT scan on Tuesday. Thursday, I ran around and helped my Makumae (beloved mother), who wasn’t feeling well, and Friday I ran errands for our house and Bella went into Heat for the first time, poor thing. Poor dear, but today, I’m making deviled eggs (my traditional dish to bring to family functions).

What Did  I Work On?

     This week… I worked on trying to not have headaches as much and promoting the hell out of The Haunted Angel. I did manage to edit a couple chapters of A Broken Redeemer while I was in between errands with Makumae on Thursday, and inputting edits from my editors on Discord’s Nightmare. Phew! Four books a year is hard to keep track of. (I also made a LOT of art that I can't show you quite yet... I will when I can!)

How's the Publishing Going?

     Friday, I hit publish, so that it is up and ready for purchase on Sunday, hopefully as it can take 72 hours to be reviewed and available for purchase. That being said, Today is the FINAL day for preorders of The Haunted Angel! I have now gotten 11 preorders, 6 here on the website, 1 from facebook, and 4 on Amazon! (You can also preorder on Google books) This is a bit lower than the usual preorders but a couple people who normally would haven’t yet or aren’t because of Easter and obligations, which I understand, but sometimes, I wish I didn’t. (If you'd like to know more about The Haunted Angel before purchase, head here) Dicord's Nightmare goes to Betas next Saturday! I'm so excited for them to get their hands on the book that brings the spice... If you're not up on the lingo, that means it has some steamy Adult Rated scenes in it. 

Now, Let’s wrap up with some art!

    Last week, I showed off a piece from chapter 33 and I decided to make a follow up piece to that, showing off more of Fors. I don’t currently have this scene written up, but it WILL be going in another book as a flashback. There is also a NSFW piece going up on the SubScribestar.adult very soon that features these two again… If you don’t know what that site is, I suggest you not go there, you’ve been warned. Anyhow, here is Forseti and Leighla again at the cliffs same scene, same time, just not in The Haunted Angel.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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