Weekly Writer Update 35: April 9-15

Published on 15 April 2023 at 08:30

This Week...

     Concussion brain hit and I have no idea what I did all week, besides social media and I've been forgetting things that need to be done until just before the deadline.

What happened this week?

     I had my CT scan on Tuesday... The rest of the week is a blur of project hopping, taking care of the puppy, who is in heat, while trying to get something accomplished and seemingly forgetting nearly everything I was supposed to be doing. I.e., I forgot things that have been on a reoccurring schedule for weeks, like my Wednesday blog, posting about the cover reveal for Discord's Nightmare, and then randomly remembering hours too late or just before. As I said before, Concussion brain has kicked in. (>.<)

Did I get any projects done?

     You think this would be a no, but I did order the books, art, and hoodies from the preorder, I got an art commission finished, worked on other art for books and fun, edited a few chapters of Broken Redeemer (Kalista Chronicles, Book 3: coming October 31st), and managed to make a really cool video reveal for Discord's Nightmare (click here to go to that tiktok, or here for Instagram). So, I did something, but it just feels like I've been having to put in extra effort... don't look at me in that tone of voice. I know that concussions slow the brain because it has to heal the neurons and that takes a month or more. Feelings aren't rational... Especially for those with any form of Anxiety (aka me.)

What about Publishing?

     Haunted Angel is now Published everywhere the links can be found here Created Angel Chronicles, Book 2: The Haunted Angel! And the next book in the Created Angel Chronicles, Discord’s Nightmare, is with the Betas and my Dad for edits!

Now, the moment you all've been waiting for!

Today, I get to show off the cover for Discord’s Nightmare! I’m so excited for this book, and for the cover alone because I spent so much time on it and I LOVE how it came out. Just look at it!!!

But Wait, There's more: Special Announcement

     With this book, myself and my editor, who is also my Master of Swag (coffee mugs, tumblers, earrings, coasters, and more) are collaborating to bring you something extra special! I’m going to have 10 ‘swag boxes’ available. In said boxes, will be a Trading Card with Discord, the main character, on it along with a small tumbler (from Max’s shop), art prints, bookmarks, an acrylic keychain, possibly a sticky note pad, book sleeve from (@CharmingChapters), and the book. There will also be tee shirts available as add-ons, which I’m thinking will come with an additional trading card. This is the keychain, I ordered samples from Sticker Mule to test them out, and I LOVE them!

They're only about 1.75 inches tall, so small, but perfect. 

That's it for today! 

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you'll mark your calendars for the next exciting installment of The Born Angel Universe.

Mark your calendar: June 15 preorders for Discord's Nightmare begin, July 15 book release day, August 17 Broken Redeemer Cover Reveal, October 31st Release day, November 2nd Cover and Name reveal for December Release

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