Weekly Writer Update 37: April 23-29

Published on 29 April 2023 at 20:00

this week I...

   I don't know where it went. I don't feel like I accomplished anything but resting and I hardly did any editing, but resting is good. Healing for both the concussion and the knee requires rest.

    I did get all the preorders of Haunted Angel out in the mail! I may also have a professional editor on my team now. We haven’t worked much, but I hope we continue working well. I did the packaging, shipping, and inputting all the shipping numbers into the website, then I played a lot of SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic) my favorite computer game as of late. 

Side Note:

   I am also contemplating writing a monthly newsletter or just releasing one as the books come up for preorder... If you'd be interested in that, let me know in a comment below the blog or on social media.

What about the writing and Editing?

    This week, I haven’t done much in the way of editing. I have not had the brain for it and every time I sat down, opened the book, I’d get three pages or so and my eyes would get heavy then I’d be too sleepy to focus. I have less than 100 pages left! Then I can start book 4 (the Christmas book).

And publishing?

   Haunted Angel is out in the world and getting more views! The next book, Discord’s Nightmare, which brings the heat to the BAU is with the Betas and they can’t get enough... That's really it... not much to say on that department.

and the art?

    Today, you get the Star Wars render and a bit of me geeking out over it. I’ll show you the picture first, then do the talking about it. For context, this is from the Old Republic Era. For those who have played Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, this is after the fall of the Hutt Cartel and before the Eternal Throne, aka the ruining of the storylines. Yes, I was one of the first people to play through it and Yes, I’m still salty about it. That’s why I started writing my own fanfiction staring this Sith here:

    In the foreground is Jen'Ari, my OC from the Star Wars the Old Republic video game, and a "fanfiction" that I am writing based off the game. The Story includes a bit of sapphic romance with Twi'lek to her left Vette, who is an NPC companion in game, and a enemies to friends story with the Jedi Consular and Barsen'thor to her right, Jayana Organa another OC of mine. These two OC's cross paths first as enemies in the earlier story on Alderaan, Jayana’s home world, and again on Corellia, before teaming up with another Sith, and Jedi Master Kael Rishond to take down the Order of Revan before going after the Dred Masters on Oricon, which I did my best to recreate in the background).

     All of the outfits are inspired by some in game, or as close as I could get to them except for Jayana's which is a set made by a very creative and amazing Content Creator over on Daz3d.com where I get most of my models, clothing, and then morph and kitbash (combine to make a new thing) them. The Lightsabers were made by me in Blender, and I did do some post work for the lightning and the hair in Procreate via my iPad.

That's all folks!

Thank you for reading!

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~ Jenn

~ Coming Next ~

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