Weekly Writer Update 43: June 4-10

Published on 10 June 2023 at 08:30

Weekly Writer Update 43: June 4-10

Doubting and struggling, but still pushing on and getting the last things done for Discord’s Nightmare, my next release!

This week for the Author:

     Oh, the ups and downs of this week have been like a yo-yo. I’ve been up and down not only with health due to the smoke in the region coming down from Canada, but my husband was sick last week, so my body is doing it’s best not to get what he had. I’ve been struggling mentally too as we approach the release date of Discord’s Nightmare. Then there’s life… and all I’ll say to that is American Health Insurance SUCKS!

How’d Writing and Editing go?

     Well, I haven’t been doing any editing for the Christmas Special after the Tuesday. I realized that Discord’s Nightmare needs a bit more polish… I learned more about dialogue punctuation and now my OCD won’t let it go, so I’m fixing that, but that is now 100k even, and the Christmas Special is now at 48k which is 3k more than last week!

How's the Publishing?

     The Discord’s Nightmare Book Box Kickstarter is off to a good start, it has met the first goal (the base of $500)! I put it that low because I wanted to make it realistic. $500 is only half of what I was thinking I would need if everyone got the boxes with the t-shirts or just the boxes with the tumblers and book sleeves, but I wanted to be sure it reached the goal or else it would have been a bust.

      Anyhow, as stated in the last blog –and others—, the Kickstarter IS THE PREORDER for this book. If you want to know more about how Kickstarter works, check last weeks blog. If the Kickstarter reaches $800, I’ll be posting the eBook of The Stained Angel for FREE onto the updates page for anyone who “backs” the project (aka gets a book/book box). Right now, a pdf of the first 10 chapters are free to anyone who backs the project. So go reserve your box today!

Now, for the art!

     This is a picture straight from Discord’s Nightmare Chapter 2! It has been stuck in my brain and I wanted to make it since I wrote the scene. Also, I have added chapters 2 & 3 for you all to read too, but don't forget to read the prologue and chapter 1 first!

This picture features Discord, in the nude, though carefully angled so you see nothing, as she has just fallen out of bed and is reaching for her glasses.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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