Weekly Writer Update 48: July 2-8

Published on 8 July 2023 at 05:00

This week was random, chaotic, and I didn’t get a lot of writing done because of the holiday weekend, but I did hit 90k in the Christmas Special…

Author Life:

      It’s been a week. It started out with the holiday weekend, which took up Monday and Tuesday, sine my husband was home and we celebrated Independence day on the 4th with a barbeque at my grandparents.

     On Wednesday, my father-in-law was flying over with a plane he picked up for a client and stopped by for dinner. It was quite nice to talk with just him. We don’t get to do that very often. He asked about my books and how things were going. When I told him about the 53k I had to delete, he was floored that I managed to gain back those 53k in the three short weeks that it’s been since then.

      On Thursday morning, we had a DiD (Delving into Darkness: A Homebrew TTRPG) session for our dungeon crawl, which I was not prepared for as I had a rather bad night with my osteoarthritis. After that I had a nap, I had a call to renew our health insurance. That was stressful, but easier than I thought. The worker was very helpful and knowledgeable. I’m just glad the site worked for her.

Writing and Editing:

       This week, I’ve done just over 13k words. I wish I could have finished the Christmas Special this week, but I had too much stress, and other such things going on. I'm still not quite finished with it. Still a few more scenes left to write. I'm guestimate it to be between 105-110k when all is said and done.


    Only 7 days left for the Preorder of Discord’s Nightmare Book Box via Kickstarter and it is now at $1413.  If the Kickstarter reaches $1500, I’ll be posting the eBook of my first book A Born Angel for anyone who “backs” the project (aka gets a book/book box), but I feel like it won’t get there and I’ll have the 13 tumblers and book sleeves still sitting here when it’s over.

(Reminder: You can read the first 7 chapters here on the blog

or 10 chapters over on Wattpad!)

      I have also realized that I accidentally published the 3rd edition of A Born Angel with white pages instead of cream like I prefer, so I have had to unlist it, archive it, and republish it under a new ISBN. There were only 13 copies printed with that white paper and AISN, so they are a "Limited Edition" collectible... or they will be if ever I "Make it big." If I do, I should probably flag this post to have a good laugh about (sitting here in our tiny apartment in SD, NY). I'll probably think about these as the "good ol' days". Anyhow, enough musings, on to the art!

The Art: 

    This week, I did an art piece that I don’t think I can show off as it was something for a Lyric Music Video by Beth Crowley that won’t come out until August, so I’ll have to sit on that. I did work on a teaser for the Christmas Special, but that is (as of this moment) still rendering.

     So here is an old piece that I made and still love from back in March of 2017, when I was just starting out in Daz Studio. I hope to recreate this very image soon, but it was one of the first pieces I was happy with, this is a “teaser” for the Halloween book: A Broken Redeemer and underneath is what I wrote about back then.

     Snippet from Deviant Art:

     As you can probably guess, this is a picture of Kalista (My Main OC and featured character) as a teenager, she doesn't look much different but she's shorter and a bit more petite. It took a few days to render and I was anxiously awaiting it because it was something I'd been thinking about for almost two weeks. This hints at the darker side to my stories.

       Kalista doesn't have orange eyes naturally, the closest she gets is red when she is angry. Her orange eyes are a sign that the man behind her has slipped into her mind and her body. He is now in full control. A part of her is still in there watching all this happen and trying to fight him but she can't. She isn't strong enough, not while her powers are suppressed by a preternatural drug that he ordered to be made.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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 Reminder: If you want more details and prices for the Created Angel Chronicles, Book 3: Discord's Nightmare Preorder, head on over to the Kickstarter page and check it out.

I will not be live on Tiktok to read tonight, I will be doing it tomorrow night as I got banned until 11 pm., so this week is moved to Sunday Night at 9. I know this may mean a few people can't join, but I can't do anything about that now. until my 2nd account is up to 1k followers.  

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