Weekly Writer Update 54: August 13-19

Published on 19 August 2023 at 08:30

This week has been scattered. I’ve been refocusing on the last third of this year and reminding myself what all needs to get done and how soon. My work life is about to get hectic again

Author's Life

       I’ve thought about the next four months, planning and making a loose schedule in my mind of what is going to happen. There’s a few things to be aware of: I will be VERY busy the next few months. Not only do I have 3 books to edit, 2 books to write (one is halfway done and the other I start in November), 2 books to publish, 2 book boxes to think about and promote –both Holiday themed—, there’s also many pictures to create, 2 weddings in September, then the Holidays, and I can’t forget my birthday, which I’ve made a book release day this year. (^_^;) if this seems like a lot, it is. I’m using writing and art to cope with the stress of it. Simply writing it out makes me tired, but I shall press on!

Writing & Editing:

       I’ve been writing the new book (title redacted) again this week. It slowed down a bit more as I had to prioritize the last of the Discord's Nightmare box loose ends and the cover reveal for A Broken Redeemer was Thursday. I’m also not used to the lack of alone time with hubby gone 4 out of 5 workdays in the week, which is draining. I still managed to go from 46k to 51k words, which is only a total of 6k for the week, which was 2k less than last week, but I’m hoping to pull it together this coming week and get closer to the end.  


     Old Business:

      I’m still waiting for the Boxes, but they shipped out today!! They will come in around the 24th. I’m going to work on getting orders separated and ready so that All I need to do Thursday is box them up. That will make it easier for shipping them on Friday.

      Apologies again to everyone who has been waiting for their books and goodies: This has truly been a nightmare. I’m so used to doing things myself and having them done in a timely manner, plus less costly too! I may just get stickers for the next box instead of having them custom made. (>_<)

      New business:

      A Broken Redeemer is in the Beta reading stage! About half of my Betas have now read the first chunk and they’re hooked. A few of them were talking about what they’d like to do to the villains of the book and I got a good laugh out of the imagery. I also quoted one on Twitter Friday night.

Art Feature:

    This week’s art feature is the full cover of A Broken Redeemer, which will be available for Pre-order on September 15, 2023. And yes, there will be another book box! This time, I’m keeping it simple. We have one goodie box that will come with some Halloween items TBD. I’m gathering some already, little useful things to celebrate the birthday girl, Kalista. I’ll talk about it more in a future post. For now, cover!

       The cover features Kalista standing in a room draped in red moonlight, a dais can be seen behind her and on it a block of Jade with veins of Jasper throughout. This is foreshadowing and may be familiar to those who have read the first two books. 

To read the Blurb, age rating, content and possible trigger warnings, and see the artwork:

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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