Weekly Writer Update 60: September 23-30

Published on 30 September 2023 at 01:45

(>_<) I feel like all I’ve done this week is edit, and I’m still NOT done. (>_<)

Author's Life

      I’ve literally done nothing but walk the dog and work all week. If I wasn’t editing I was feeding her, walking her, or posting to social media to try and promote A BROKEN REDEEMER which comes out in Thirty-One days! (0.0) I must apologize, I did not write the Blog about NaNoWriMo or post it on Wednesday, I’ve been trying to finish edits for the Christmas Special. (>_<) I will get to that this week, promise.

Writing & Editing:

       I have now edited Forty-Seven of Fifty-Six chapters of the Christmas Book. I cannot wait for this to come out, but I also can’t wait for you all to read BROKEN REDEEMER, which you NEED to read before you get to the Christmas Special which is a MASSIVE book. Just over 1.5 inches thick in the paperback. I’m going to finish editing it this weekend and get it reprinted with the changes for my dad, then the Betas start it on October 14!

      I have also been thinking about the next Kalista book (5), as I prepare to write it in November. It’s so weird to be thinking about book 5 when you, my readers, haven’t even gotten book 3 yet. Granted I’ve also written books 8-11 already… All I have to say is PLOT TWIST!


      The Preorder of A Broken Redeemer launched September 15th and there are, as of this blog, three orders already placed! This preorder not only includes the book, but some extra Halloween goodies, and a new Limited Edition Hoodie! You can find all of the info on the shop page by clicking the image below:

      Only one of the Beta Readers hasn’t finished the book yet… I’m not sure she’ll finish either. Her life has been pretty chaotic this time around and she’s not been online a lot, so I don’t think she’ll finish it. Sad, but it happens and I totally understand that, but I miss her. Now, for something less depressing... or more, depending on how you look at it.

Art Feature:

     This week is another sneak peek from the Broken Redeemer Chapter This time from chapter Sixteen…

~ warning ~

If you have not read A BRAVE SACRIFICE: Kalista Chronicles, book 2, do not read the description, just exit now or click the title and go buy it, read it, and then come back. Because this next bit will be a SPOILER.

With that said, I’ll put the description beneath the image…

    You may see that picture and think it’s from A Brave Sacrifice (book 2), but it is not. This isn’t during her training in Shadow Camp, or before that with the Master’s Minions. This is during the imprisonment that comes as a result of her trial in A Brave Sacrifice. Here she is sparring with someone I will not name for the sake of spoilers in this book, but here’s a little snippet:

     “What’s with the silence? You’ve never been quiet for this long,” he taunted, using lies to bait me. I stopped in a crouch with one hand to the floor, staff held out behind me once again parallel to the floor, and threw my knee length braid over my shoulders with a flick of my head. I glared at him, eyes glowing red. I snarled, a mere flash of fang, and he laughed at the nonverbal threat.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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