Weekly Writer Update 61: October 1-7

Published on 7 October 2023 at 02:09


It’s book release month! The Christmas edits (at least the self edits) are done! BIG NEWS for A Broken Redeemer! Plus, I’ve done some writing! Read on for more details!

Author's Life

      This week, I finished the Christmas Edits… technically I finished them thirty minutes before midnight on last Saturday. Then I took a personal day and spent the time playing Star Wars the Old Republic and reading Smolder, the newest Anita Blake novel, by Laurell K. Hamilton, because the next book comes out in a few weeks, and I’m very excited for it, now more than ever. But from Monday to Friday, I was working on some final touches…

Writing & Editing:

       I’ve been writing 'A Mate of Her Own' again, which is the book about Lilith that I started back in July that got curtailed when I got far too busy with edits to write. I have surprisingly managed to add nearly 2,000 words this week! I didn’t even think I broke a thousand, but I just checked it. What was I doing when I wasn’t writing? Promoting…


      ... Which falls under the publishing category, and I have BIG news! Amazon has added a new feature to KDP: “Scheduled Publishing!" This means I can now tell Amazon the exact date I want a book published, and submit the final draft weeks in advance instead of days before. It won’t go live on the website until the scheduled date, but there is a huge advantage: I can order author copies BEFORE the book releases, which means I can offer Advanced Review/Reader Copies, also known as ARCs, and send out preorders so that you will have the book ON RELEASE DAY!

      That being said, the preorder of A Broken Redeemer is LIVE, and there are, as of this blog, six orders placed! 4 Paperback, and 2 hardcovers.

      If you preorder through the website and choose the "Book Box" it will not only include a SIGNED  book (paperback or hardcover, your choice), but some extra goodies (a small coffin shaped notebook, a pen, plus a homemade chocolate crunch bar *hopefully I can pull that off*), bookmark, and metal art print, or you can upgrade and get the new Limited Edition Hoodie too!

Hoodie Front

Hoodie Sleeves

Hoodie Back

     MORE Big News!

 ALL formats of A Broken Redeemer are now available for preorder through these retailers:

      Also in publishing news, my editor has the Christmas Special nearly finished, she's on the second to last section, Betas get Chunk 1 of 6 next Saturday (14th), and my dad has the book too! Things are getting moving! The preorder for the Christmas books starts November 15th, I want to give you some advanced warning as this one is going to cost a bit more... because it's nearly twice as thick as A Born Angel (the first book of the series), which means I should probably get that book blog up about it, huh?

Art Feature:

     This week’s art feature is a bit different. This was another suggestion from Matt, my manager. A promotional image in celebration of all the formats now being available for preorder. I added quite a few “Easter Eggs” throughout the scene (I think 9 total...). I’m highly tempted to make this an art print for the book so that as you read, you can spot them. (Let me know what you think!)

Anyhow, that’s all folks, thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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