Weekly Writer Update 63: October 15-21

Published on 21 October 2023 at 08:30

    There are only 9 days until the Kalista Chronicles, book 3: A Broken Redeemer goes live, and I got my first order of paperbacks yesterday! I will be giving the first one to my grandmother today as she was the first one to preorder. It’s so Exciting! Now, for the rest of what happened this week!

Author's Life:

       This week has been a rush of excitement and finalizing things for the Christmas book (Page coming soon). No, not all of it was good, but it all evened out. I got over Covid quickly this time. I didn’t have too much trouble thinking this week, just a bit of a hard time with energy.  

       Monday, I worked on the NaNoWriMo blog about how I prep for it, which dropped Wednesday, and I scheduled all the announcements for it too, I posted to the socials, and started the Next NaNoWriMo Blog. (This weeks NaNoWriMo blog I’ll be talking about all the past books I’ve written, how I did with them, and where they are now. It’s a longer one and required a lot of research, while bringing up some trauma that I buried in 2015, so I hope some of you read it.) On Tuesday night –or Wednesday morning really— I stayed up late to edit April’s book, Cry Havoc: the second of the Deadly Sirens Serial. (Details to come January 1st)

       On Wednesday afternoon, I drove my sister around, because she has a broken heel and isn’t supposed to be driving. On Thursday, I went over to see the Ladies at my Mom’s Hobby weekend and drop off some books before I went grocery shopping. Friday, I went out to lunch with my sister before we saw Nightmare Before Christmas at the Theater –this wasn’t a reboot or anything, just the 30th anniversary edition— then we went to Home Goods for a little Spooky Home decor shopping. Today, I'm headed to my grandparents house to hang out while my hubby mows the lawn (for what might be the last time this year). It has been a FULL week, but I managed to do a lot of writing and prepping!

Writing & Editing:

       This week, I’ve been editing Cry Havoc, but I haven’t gotten to write more than the blogs, social media posts, and the “outline” for the NaNo Novel, Kalista Book 5. I’m nearly done editing Cry Havoc. I have less than a quarter to go! It’s getting to the good part… Well, all of it’s good, but this part is adorable good and not intense, sad, and dramatic good.


      Nothing has really changed for this week in this department. A Broken Redeemer is 9 days from release, and I only have 7 preorders so far (-_-). All I’m missing to start packing preorders is the metal art print from Max @ Cotton Kat Designs, and the other art prints from Cat Print, which I only ordered yesterday because I originally wasn’t going to, but decided to at the last minute (^_^;). Max and her Hubby, David will be printing them tonight on TikTok Live, and I’ll be there talking books and possibly reading a bit! So, follow me over there and come watch. Live will start at 8:30/9-ish EST. 

   I did get in my first order of Early Author copies though! Look at them! I'm so excited!

Me (Jenn A. Morales) holding a paperback copy of the book
the stack of paperbacks sitting on my desk

      There has been a change in the Pre-order for The Christmas Special. It will begin on November 6th, and the end date will be December 1st, as December will be a busy month and I want to get the books out ASAP. There will only be one box that will include the book, a metal print, and an ornament. Also, the shipping prices will go up around Christmas as well.

Art Feature:

     This week’s art feature is a shot from the book. I showed this to my alpha reader, and she immediately knew the scene it was from. It comes from A Broken Redeemer Chapter Thirty-Three where Kalista (the dark haired one in the middle) goes shopping in Los Angeles with her father (Lucifer), “step” mother (Lilith) and half-sisters (Merida (L) & Tatiana (R)). This directly follows the picture from five weeks ago on September 16th. Wow, I can’t believe that was so long ago! (0.0)

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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